What happens when you opt out of the "voluntary" pornoscanners at Berlin's Schönefeld airport


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National Union of Journalists press-card

How do I get one of these?

I always opt out and I always get the hassle.


I just flew out of Berlin Tegel a couple weeks ago, and they don’t even have these scanners. Maybe it’s too small of an airport or something. I guess that’ll change when TXL is shut down next year and SXF becomes the only airport.


Don’t I just walk up to the thingsers and tell them “Male, opt out, where do you want me to stand so I’m out of the way until they get here?”


Oh, man. I HATE getting barracked. Especially in a Quonset hut!

*The name comes from their site of first manufacture, Quonset Point, at the Davisville Naval Construction Battalion Center in Davisville (a village located within the town of North Kingstown, Rhode Island, U.S. Yay, Rhode Island! Whoohoo!


Maybe I should stop claiming I’m female.


In the US, that’s what you do - overseas not so much.

I was told in Manchester (UK) that if I opted out I was not flying - those were my choices. Whether or not that is true, I don’t know.

In Sydney I was too tired (after 22 hours in coach on two flights) to argue with them.


What happens in private screening stays in private screening.


recreational abuse

I expect we’re going to hear this phrase a lot more in 2017.


That is some kind of absolute bullshit. Looking into it, it is true, and again, that is some bullshit. I have no problems flying into Paris and Chunneling it over next time I need to go over.


Guys - just say you have implants. Gaslight them.


Frankfurt is even worse. Security there is super slow. If your layover is shorter than 2 hours avoid it, you will certainly miss your flight.


I checked to see if this was one of those zombie threads from long ago. I thought everyone had gotten rid of the rapiscan-type scanners, no?


afaik those are of the new-gen type without a real image


yup, Tagesspiegel wrote about the new scanners in Tegel and Schönefeld - only symbolic pictures of the scanned object

but I’m fine with the name porno scanner - it stucks and I don’t see a big issue in exaggeration when it helps to push a point through (in this case the generalized suspicion in our fine age of Security First)


So, they punish you to find out why you are not behaving, whether or not you have reason to not behave, and you get punished (big or small) either way. Punishment accomplished.


Especially because the public reaction had a lot to do with the switch to that type.

It seems like the scanners are voluntary the same way breathalyzers are. You are always free to refuse, but in practice that will usually mean a trip the precinct where you can wait for a physician to take a blood sample. And that’s if you are fully cooperative at that stage.


What you mean the “x ray” machine’y is nice & cuddly…


The Porno Scanners are only in Sector C, just go through A, B or D and you’ll be fine, no baracking, no pornoscanning. Queues are always shortest upstairs in Sector A anyway (insider tip)


The low-rez images are generated from hi-rez images, and the only assurance we have that those aren’t leaking is the unauditable word of the vendors whose previous IT and infosec was such a shitshow, it was an insult to shitshows.

Wells Fargo is successfully convincing judges that forged arbitration agreements are legally binding

I hate these scanners. I lived for 40 years before getting top surgery, then I had to fly through TSA and the damn scanners repeatedly for work. Even if you are willing to go through them, if you are trans? You get pulled for the same bullshit. I’ve flown in and out of some of the biggest airports in the US for work, and I had to plan on getting there hours extra early to account for the amount of time some agent would see my flattened bound chest and freak out, and pull me aside.

It was all the more galling because I read enough to know actual security experts thought the scans were useless.