Airport full-body scanners no longer optional, if the TSA screener doesn't like you


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Would some nice person put on their tinfoil-lined VM and open that pdf for me?
Also, just for the record: Fuck you TSA.


TSA and the Dark Side have a lot in common.


Hmm, I wonder how far it would get you to agree, only if they answered a few questions (mostly from the referenced DHS document)…

“The AIT devices at airports do not have the ability to store images.”

[Will they supply a signed affidavit that image storage has been properly removed or disabled?]

[Demand they specifically articulate the authority which permits the collection
of PII, to include images, and specifically articulate the purpose or purposes for which the PII is intended to be used.]

[Get written verification that PII is disposed of in accordance with DHS records disposition schedules as approved by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). [Get the schedule, follow up!] [They say they do not collect PII with this technology, but with “big data” techniques, things that used to not be PII, (implanted medical devices, for example) in conjunction with other information, could uniquely identify you. Can they prove beyond a reasonable doubt this is not the case?]

“AIT data is transmitted in a proprietary format to the viewing monitor, and cannot be lost, modified, or disclosed. TSA’s decision not to retain images mitigates further data storage security issues.”

[That’s a cute sentiment, but have these systems been openly analyzed in a peer reviewed publication?]

Or would asking all that just be cruisin’ for a brusin’?


Whose trillion-dollar mindfuck idea was this again? Big Brother?


Sigh, another reason to get rid of the TSA. Check on how other countries do it, maybe use the methods they use instead of this cluster f*ck we have now with people who couldn’t even get mall cop jobs.


But that would make you “soft on terrorism”! You don’t want to look soft, do you? Hmmmm?


I always opt out, and they are always dicks about it. I hope those machines give them all ass cancer.


Well thank goodness they can force us into the scanners for our safety. These are the scanners that miss 95% of weapons, right? The ones with undisclosed radiation levels?


Airport full-body scanners no longer optional, if the TSA screener likes you

There, I fixed it for you, assuming that we are talking about the pornoscanners…



What about a shirt that’d say “FUCK TSA” on the xray backscatter but was just plain (or other way decorated) visually?


I always opt out, and they are always nice about it. However, I do so because I assume they store all metadata regarding each person’s physique for future use in recognition systems and I see no reason to make that easier for them on principle. That potential for meta-data storage is what makes this “small” change disturbing…


Yes to the first, but no to the second. The backscatter x-ray machines have been retired for a couple years now. All the current porno-scanners are the THz scanners that do not produce ionizing radiation. They still take naked pictures of you and don’t detect weapons, but now they are “just” a privacy invading placebo, rather than an unnecessary x-ray device operated by untrained workers with untraceable calibration and untested safety.


If they do not like you, there is no option to opt-out.
On the other hand, if they find you attractive, … oh … wait …


I opt out every time I go through TSA screening, and I do it literally with a terse “opt out” as soon as I get to the point where they split the line between the scanners and the pat down. I do it mainly as a protest. There is no statistical evidence that the scanners prevent anything, or are better than a pat down.


I predict that the most frequent justification for forcing a requested opt-out to submit to the machine will be that the agent simply didn’t feel like going through the trouble of performing a manual frisk. I mean why do it if you don’t have to. Amirite?


There’s no evidence the TSA in general prevents anything. And there’s multiple reports from the government that undercover drills successfully get weapons through basically every time they try.


It’s seldom the agent that you face initially at TSA screenings that does the pat down, unless you’re in some podunk airport in the middle of nowhere. What do they have to loose?


Let’s not even get into the level of training that the people doing those drills generally have. It’s beyond pathetic.