The 1944 science fiction story that predicted the atomic bomb


i thought H.G. Wells wrote about one even earlier than this. no?

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Didn’t Einstein predict this in 1905?

Hungarian physicist Leo Szilard, 1933. Not a Sci-Fi writer in 1944.

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“In 1944, fully a year before the first successful nuclear test …”

Chicago Pile-1 went critical in December 1942, 2 years before the story was published. From that point on it was “merely” a matter of engineering until the first bomb was made.

It’s been years since I’ve read their works on nuclear war, but I think Wells and later Heinlein were talking about the use of radioactive contamination as a weapon, rather than nuclear explosions.

1 Like has an H.G. Wells exceprt from 1914, as cited by Leo Szilard.

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The idea that vast energies could be liberated by splitting the atom was decades old by 1940. Going from that to a functioning bomb was just engineering. You wouldn’t boggle at the idea that someone wrote a story about a Moon landing in 1968.


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