The 1980s moral panic over video games

I don’t know… something tells me Soldier of Fortune warped me… at least a lil bit.
Pretty soon it’ll be virtual reality and photorealism is around the cornerrrr…
If they’re using VR to help vets with PTSD, it seems desensitization could also be a function of the games.

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Nice! That video had a lot of my favorites during that exact era, such as Defender, Centipede, Galaga, Frogger and (to a lesser extent), Pac Man (the McDonalds of video games). That coulda been me they were interviewing.

My wife credits playing Tetris with enhancing her (natural) abilities to squeezing absolutely amazing amounts of tidy packing into suitcases, cars, cupboards etc so much we have a verb for it ie “can you Tetris this into that” or “Mums tetrising the groceries into the pantry.” Its one of her many super powers


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