The age of living cheaply on Silicon Valley's money fire is over

Nope. Ain’t clicking on play. I want to punch people through my monitor and without even hearing the audio (just the pic) I know I’d be in the market for a new LCD if I did.

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What makes me the most angry about the above are the lives disrupted when billionaires fuck around for the hell of it.
My first taste of that was in the 80’s when I was basically just a kid. But I was working full time, 18/19 years old at a grocery store. There was an attempted leveraged buyout of our company by Asher Edelman. The company was worth considerably more in real assets than the total outstanding stock.
They fended him off by unloading assets and buying stock back so he could not get a controlling interest. A lot of those assets were stores and the property on which they sat. Putting many, many people out of a job for several weeks as they they attempted to shift people around to other stores in the metro area that picked up the business. I was still living at home. But there were tons of people with families and homes/mortgages, etc… that had their lives disrupted. Thankfully most people got back on their feet, but that doesn’t always happen in those instances, of course.
In the subsequent years, I lived through at least 4 buyouts in my career, another one of which turned into a layoff. The last one was during the last recession and I was out of work for 10 months. My wife and I were fine, but I knew people from that one at a large medical device company that really wound up hurting because of that.
Fuck these guys sideways with a 2x4.


eta: Do it with a gun, 10. Do it via computer shenanigans, you’ll be out in 4.


if you can afford it. wood sure ain’t cheap these days


Ain’t that the truth. I built my fence earlier this year with Trex because it was actually the same price as cedar or redwood and it’s guaranteed for 25 years.
Which would probably be reusable in my reflection above…


TIL I can buy a house with an avocado :avocado:


Me, too. Them and the politicians. I lived in DC when Obama won, and then when the house and senate flipped, and watching their political brinkmanship that resulted in multiple government shut downs was infuriating. Real, regular people were in danger of losing their homes (or did), through no fault of their own.


The problem with capitalism is that malinvestments rarely get punished. In fact, we tend to reward or subsidize them in the name of “innovation” and “risk” rather than realizing that market economy to be maintained requires equilibrium. And that equilibrium so far has been forced onto the public that isn’t part of the capital class. If say you or I were starting up a small business say drop shipping we’d be the ones on the hook for our corporate loans when we fail to make payments but a Wall Street or Silicon Valley firm gets to run up debt like drunken shopaholics with all the store cards in the world. All the while, that debt gets paid off by the government and thus by the people who get punished when they fail at the same thing.


The trick is to use them when they are nowhere near ripe enough to eat. You put about six of them in a small pillowcase, follow a Realtor™ to an isolated location, and bada bing bada boom, you’ve got a shiny new house, a bag of soft avocados, and nothing on your conscience because it was only a Realtor™.


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