'The Amber Chronicles' by Roger Zelazny, a classic fantasy series



This is still my number one longed for HBO adaptation. An updated to modern times Amber TV show would kill in today’s TV environment. Or hell, I would even settle for the CW - I like looking at pretty teenagers as much as the next guy.


I really enjoyed the first five books of this series. The last five (focused on Merlin)… not as much. I’d really like to get this as an ebook, but Zelazny’s works seem to be not allowing ebook versions. :frowning:


Yes! I love this series and I love Zelazny. One of the greats.

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I agree with tntjarks. The first books were amazing, the later ones less so. The problem with Merlin was that he was too powerful, creating the same problems for the writer as Superman presented. How can you create any suspense when, no matter what happens, Merlin can magically pull something out of the air to defeat any foe?


I was noticing that too - except for one crime novel (which I had never heard of, and promptly bought).

I do like the very nice looking six-volume hardbound collection of the shorter fiction with commentary edited from his essays though - those look great, and I might need to blow a lot of money on them.

Apparently, I can also retire on the resale value of my copy of Night in the Lonesome October (not that I would ever sell it).

This sounds like the equivalent of of my Belgariad by David Eddings. I have read those books to destruction since my 15th birthday.

I think I will start reading these tonight!

I was just thinking of this after reading the gawker story about our universe being a projection.

Y’know, I liked the belgariad, but the Selenium/Tamuli series stood out more with me. All good books though. I keep reading the Selenium Trilogy every other year or so. What did you think of the Belgarath/Polgara books?

Agree with everyone here. The first books were great, the series really fell off though, and the ending was lame.

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Definitely agree on the ending. He really jumped the shark with that info about the Pattern and the Logrus.

Often when I’m in a unfamiliar city that looks just a little bit like somewhere I’ve been before, I’ll think about walking in shadows and making it where I want to go.


Huh. I’ve got a mobi file of all 10 in my ebook collection. I’m not sure where I got it though. There’s at least an ebook version floating around, even if it’s not sold.

The complete collection is the way to go; trying to track down all ten of the books individually is an exercise in frustration and can also end up being a little costly.

And indeed, the series goes careening off the rails at the end. I rather like how David Langford put it into context here (warning, spoilers ahoy). If you’re interested, you should definitely check out the short stories in Manna from Heaven, which suggest that Zelazny might have been able to get out of the corner he’d written himself in.

I think in the end Lord of Light is much better reading. Also, “Ghostwheel” is tragically underrepresented when it comes to naming servers and software daemons and such forth.

By the way, has anyone here read Betancourt’s “Dawn of Amber” prequel series?


Honestly, I can’t get myself past the cover paintings…

Lord of Light is another one I’d love to have in ebook format and can’t get legally…

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This. Maybe I should rename my wireless network from Shodan…

I’ve read a couple of them, but it was a while ago. I liked them. I need to find the ones I have, reread them and try to order the ones I’m missing.

I’ve read this series several times. If you like the Amber series, you might want to look into The Merchant Princes series by Charlie Stross It owes a huge debt to the Amber series, which Stross totally acknowledges.

FWIW, I log onto a server named Ghostwheel regularly, and it’s not one that I set up.

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This series is probably the reason Zelazny became on of my all-time favorite authors, but I also agree about the later books in the series.
I even had a text based computer game based off this series, in which you woke up in a hospital as Corwin and had to figure out how to escape and solve the mystery of your missing memory.

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