The animated photography of Julien Douvier


It’s going to be a challenge to buy the prints.

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Where did Rachael get hers developed?

Cool, huh? Cinemagraphs have been a thing for a while. There’s even an app for that.

Just about a zoetrope-strip’s worth of movement in most of those, if one wanted a physical artifact to display it.

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These are called film loops or loops. Stop calling the Cinematographs so you can stop sounding like an idiot that doesn’t know anything about film history.

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Check out the background behind (outside of the frame of) the photo.
It’s subtle but I think he’s supposed to be ‘integrating’ the memory into current reality.

The shoes hanging from a line thing is kinda creepy, as far as I am aware, It’s a street-cultural shibboleth. You get held down and stripped of your shoes, then they get thrown up there; when you can’t meet a debt.

Not all film loops have one subtle bit of movement on an otherwise still frame and exactly seamless start and end points. The words exists for a reason.

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@xpez’s comment is particularly vexing as Cinematographs unquestionably are a part of film history. It’s just that these types of animated GIF are called Cinemagraphs. Doubly vexing!

Throwing around the word ‘idiot’ rather freely as well. LOL

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Whether they are moving or not doesnt make any difference. Its a series of pictures that loop infinitely.

Besides the use of the word cinematograph is incorrect. Cinematograph comes from cinematography and cinematographic. These words are the actual old school words for MOVING PICTURES!!! Cinematograph is the actual word for a FILM PROJECTOR.

The use of cinematograph as a cute name for cleverly animated digital pictures clearly points towards individuals who ignorantly assume that “hey, the word cinema and photograph have come together…Thats what this is!!!” This is just silly naive use of the english language.

These are loops. Film loops if you are actually using films. Artists - real artists that worked with film have all sorts of contraptions to loop films. People who study film history and fine art of the 20th century know all of this stuff. There was a famous retrospective show at MOCA…Hall of Mirrors that showcased works like this.

Whether this is digital a gif or whatever…It doesnt matter. The form has already existed for many decades.

Dear xpez, you seem to have missed the point that you’re talking about cinematographs (quite correctly, as far I recall from my own studies of film history), but we’re talking about cinemagraphs. As you yourself are so keen to point out, not the same thing at all.

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like yourself.

Trolling is a art.

Cinemagraph may be a derivative word and easily confused with the existing Cinematograph (as we’ve just experienced), but it is the word that caught on to mean this very specific style of ‘film loop or animated gif’. It serves a purpose.

I happen to work on filmmaking for a living and did study film and know what cinematographs are, same as you.

Maybe you didn’t notice the difference or simply hate the term for whatever reason, and that’s fine, but calling anyone ignorant of film history for using a word you dislike (not even getting into ‘idiot’) reflects badly on you, not on them.


Ok Cinematograph is the word that is being used in this article. And claiming there is simple confusion between two words cinematograph and cinemagraph doesn’t make the word you would like to base your argument on, cinemagraph, any stronger. It only proves my point that it is INCORRECT.

Using the word cinemagraph is so incorrect the root of the words mean something entirely different as well.

CINEMA - from Latinized form of Greek kinemat-, comb. form of kinema “movement,” from kinein “to move”
GRAPH - Ancient Greek suffix -γραφω (-graphō), from γράφω (gráphō, “to scratch, to scrape, to graze”),

cinematograph - to record movement. to write movement etc… = a motion picture camera!

FOR THE STUPID INTERNET - cinemagraph - “a cute ignorant name for clever animated gifs for people that dont care about correct terminology or film history”

If lots of ignorant people decide to call something the wrong name it’s not my problem. But It is my choice to point it out and do so with angry tone. One reason is because this kind of belligerent misuse of language is rampant on the internet. I know who made up this stupid word. I watched those stupid you tube videos when they tried to explain it. It was wrong then and its still wrong. It’s basically something made up gained some popularity on the internet and a bunch of people that dont know any better just started using the term like it was some new startup name…same logic… WELL film and media history existed before the internet and this GENRE of film is already spoken for…

Oh! The usage is originally @xeni’s.
And now I think we are all being oh so very subtly trolled.
Lady knows her internets.

@xpez, joined a day ago, comments from the devil’s arse and can pronounce name like ‘spaz’…
I’ll get you next time gadget!

Ok whatever have fun with your cinematographiesgraphiographies

When I was a kid, it was fairly common to wear leather shoes or boots or something weather-appropriate to school, but carry the gym shoes you needed to wear in the gym (because they didn’t mark the floors like black shoes did), laces tied together because it was easy to carry them. And it was not uncommon for kids to occasionally throw other kids shoes up on the phone lines, though they didn’t usually stick. (This was in suburbs, before buried electric and phone lines were common.)

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That’s a pretty narrow definition of the term graph you’re using there. More broadly it means to write or draw (autograph, graphic, etc), but it also can mean to recreate an image or sound: photograph, radiograph, phonograph, etc.

Cinemagraph essentially means movement - picture, or even motionpicture.

Anyway, enough of the anger and venting.

Good Lord! [Hugh Laurie as Bertie Wooster]. What are you going on about? You do realize that word meanings change over time. They’ve been doing so since words.

I can only imagine you a hundred years ago writing a letter to the editor complaining about the word cinematography being used in the motion pictures… “CINEMA - form of kinema (movement). GRAPH - to scratch, to scrape, to graze. cinematograph - scrape movement, graze movement, etc. = to stub one’s toe. STUPID MOVIE INDUSTRY”

Anywayz, as the self-proclaimed mediator, I propose using the word… cinematogify


itsumishi i understand all of the various meanings of graph and cinema. My point is the words already mean something in the art of filmmaking. These words already have definitions in the dictionary. You can’t just decide to ignore what already exists and just decide to call it something else just because you are unaware of the history. This is exactly what is going on with these gifs and internet and unschooled folks knowledge about filmmaking that only exists on ViNES AND VIMEO AND TUMBLR and YOU TUBE…