The Apology Line podcast is a thrilling listen

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It wasn’t long before Mr. Apology’s project took a dark turn.

… and? What was it?


It’s totally worth a listen. One thing I remember from the series is that one caller confesses to murder and says he can’t wait to murder the guy behind the apology line, once he discovers his identity. Sounded truly scary for the artist and his family.

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Disclaimer: I haven’t listened to The Apology Line.

And maybe I’m missing the point, but if all you’re doing is anonymously calling a podcast to confess an action, you’re not really apologizing, are you?

It was described as kind of like confession for non-religious people.
It got creepy AF relatively quickly.
In an odd way, it was like a precursor to what we see on the internet, where people can post things anonymously. Not with tr0lling or the like, but with people exposing their really dark sides.

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Could you be a sport and spoil it for us? Some of us just don’t do podcasts, and this property isn’t big enough to have a Wikipedia page.

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