The awful true story of Diana Jean Heaney, and the "hitchhike slaying"

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The 1963 film “Twilight of Honor”, adapted from a novel by Al Dewlens that was based on this case. Nick Adams, who was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor for this role, starred as the jealous serviceman, and Joey Joey Heatherton starred as the wife. The film was nominally about a young lawyer on a difficult case, but it was just like the newspapers’ storyline - bad girl, sympathetic soldier.


It’s interesting to think about this alongside the “epistemological crisis” @doctorow was talking about recently. Within living memory, the way news worked was that if you knew the basic categories (man is a War Hero, woman is a Woman, woman did Adultery, man did Murder) then the “truth” about the story was a given. This is how older Turmp voters grew up understanding the world.

Looked at that way, their attitude to news make more sense. They hear about, say, Trayvon Martin, and process it the way they were trained to do: a Black Man was Shot by someone in a Uniform, therefore the story is “authorities shoot criminal”; boom, done, they have now finished processing that story. So when people keep talking about it, and even saying that George Zimmerman might be the Bad Guy, that is very confusing. It can only mean the news is lying for some reason, because the alternative is… unthinkable.


It amazes me the narrative that was told to us a children - about the kind of country we were - was so starkly different than the kind of country we were actually.

Now that we have made decades of progress towards becoming what we always aspired to be as a reality - the backlash from those who have lived with wool over their eyes for their entire life is astounding.

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