The Balkan blobject robot at the 2073 Venice Biennale

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But when a robot is into market labor in order to maximize revenue flows, oh my goodness, will it ever skin you. It doesn’t just shear a flock of human customers like some human big-businessman will do; no, it’ll chop right through the bones. It will generate cash with opaque methods that no human will ever comprehend.

Maybe there’s an opportunity for someone to develop “financial anti-virus” software that we can deploy to read EULAs and scan contracts on our behalf once it becomes impossible for humans to manage their own money. You’ll never be able to see a bank balance or some other simple summary of whether you’re rich or poor, you’ll just have to take what the system gives you, like a pet dog, and trust that you’re better off than the stray dogs.

Is there a point where the computational load involved in stopping super-smart software from crashing the economy outweighs the benefit of using super-smart software to grow the economy? Have we already passed that point?

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If you haven’t read it already I recommend Charlie Stross’s Accellerando.

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