The best 2 seconds in the history of reviewing servers


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What? A joke video from Rob with context?


He’s still trolling by calling it a “server”.


At least he didn’t shoop a bunch of extra LEDs and buttons on it…


I went with one of the cheaper Synology DiskStation a couple of years ago. I primarily use it as a centralized backup and then sync that off-site but it’s also doing a good job of running some security cameras to see what the dogs are up to during the day.


Wait, doesn’t SFF means Server Form Factor?


If it were a banana, could I do that? Or no touchy?


This is the inverse of that Antique Roadshow clip previously on Boing Boing where the guy is appraising old porno mags outside of a castle and keeps stabbing his finger violently at boobs on the pages.



I would’ve gone with Careless Whisper :smiley:


Take a look at the HPE ProLiant MicroServer. There are models with a Celeron, Pentium, Core, or Xeon CPU, onboard RAID, and 4 LFF SATA slots, in a < 10" cube form (DVD drive usually not included).


Does that server have the Tenga Vacuum Controller accessory? Otherwise, meh.


I would like to live in a world in which these words are in the actual spec.

Most of the time, you don’t get a DVD drive, but sometimes, you inexplicably do.


The action even kinda heats up at 1:06

Note the playful, loving gaze at the end of that take.


That was a very grope-y review.

“I just grab them by the heatsink…”


I don’t even need to watch the full review. I’m sold. That’s one sexy server.


ps The little Dell micros are going to be $99 on black friday, can’t beat that really for basic linux box needs.


…just look at all those ports!


Dell Optiplex 3040, you handsome devil.


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