The Big Bang is going down





Just for a moment then it clicked.



De Rigueur


Thank you for giving the Creationists a headline that they will be all too happy to link to (because they won’t be bothered to read it.)


“The theory which replaces the Big Bang will treat the universe as an information processor.”

"The Big Bang doesn’t describe an information-processing universe.
Information processors don’t blow up after one calculation. You don’t
toss your smart phone after just one text. The real universe – a non-Big
Bang universe – recycles itself in a series of little bangs, lighting
up old, burned-out galaxies which function as memory as needed. "

So the new theory of “the universe” will simply reflect the world-view of the tech-obsessed zeitgeist that created said theory.


Which makes the simulation argument all the more pertinent:


One difficulty with this theory is that it reasons from “almost as old as the Big Bang” to “older than the Big Bang,” without showing the steps in between. If you’re going to overthrow astrophysics, I have a hunch you need some data. And some equations.


Yeah, I’d take the article a bit more seriously if it wasn’t written by “Richard G. “Rick” Rosner […] an American television writer and media figure”.

If this idea didn’t originate with actual physicists then it’s almost certainly wrong.


Yeah… we have lots of people who know climate scients are all wrong too.


The view of the universe as an information processor somewhat predates our current “tech-obsessed zeitgeist.” Read about it here.


Odds aren’t good (except that parts of what I claim are consistent with what some professional physicists think). More on being a rogue lunatic here.


Please don’t lump me in with those folks.


“42-year-old strippers who are somehow only as old as toddlers”

REALLY?? Did it REALLY need to be strippers? Does gendering and shaming somehow sharpen or further illuminate your argument? Just makes you sound like an asshole to me…


Oh really…


If the general douchiness of the author explaining in his bio that he has an exceptionally high IQ doesn’t tip you off that this is horseshit, rest assured that this is rubbish. It’s true that the widespread perception of the big bang as the absolute beginning of everything is no longer the mainstream belief of cosmologists (see cosmic inflation, whose beginning point we can’t pinpoint). But saying it will be replaced by a theory of information processing is complete horseshite and I wish BB wouldn’t give a platform to it.


yes! That’s my favourite xkcd ever.


And a duck egg.


“Information processors don’t blow up after one calculation.”

Depends on the calculation … Try dividing by zero.


In fairness I think the author is referring to himself.


Whoa - hold on, Kcorstel. If you read the mini-bio at the end of the article, you’ll notice that I’ve been a stripper - a male stripper - getting naked in public for more than 30 years. Seems as if you might be gendering and shaming. Also, I’m a TV comedy writer. Portraying quasars as something more mundane - “42-year-old insurance agents who are somehow only as old as toddlers” - seems less fun.