The Biggest Barrier To Solar Expansion Is That You Can't Price Gouge, According To New Study

Can I nick this and use it?

ermmm. I mean, it turned out I could but… do you object?

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It is my sincere desire that anything I put out in the open travels far and lives a long fruitful life. Maybe just don’t make an NFT out of it if you can help it.


Abjectly missing where in there you invented a way as a solar owner/operator to price gouge. Maybe burying other people’s fuel cells in national parks for fun and profit…yeah that doesn’t sound right either.
My mind’s been using Android too often so when files don’t save to the card bc. reasons, my head has to forget things too…

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Given that the loans tend to sold to a finance company as quickly as possible… Leans on real estate are VERY real and as Yoda taught us, there is no try, there is only do… And they do apply leans. Don’t pay and they collect.

Any other thoughts on this topic are opium dreams.

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