The broken bracelet puzzle


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The key fact that’s missing from your text is that each piece is made of three links. Open those three and use them to pick the other three parts together.

It doesn’t work with finer links.


Always liked this one:

Three of the segments remain untouched. Chop the fourth into it’s three component rings and use those three rings to join the remaining three segments.


The only way to get a jeweler to do the job for $3 these days would be to piece three sections together with three cuts, sell the fourth section for scrap value, and pocket the profits.


First, draw the fish in one line without lifting your pencil from the paper. Snip one link on the second section of the bracelet. Then, let the air out of the truck’s tires so it loses one inch of height. Fold the dollar bill lengthwise so that Washington is very uncomfortable. Weld one of the links onto the toothpicks that you have rearranged to resemble a martini glass. Turns out the truck had 20 inch rims, so that’s just not gonna work. Break the toothpicks and start all over again. Now, slide the penny between the two nickels, contemplating that if you had more than two nickels to rub together you could just buy a nice bracelet. I never was very good at these things.


Answer- not like this:


yeah, I really needed the picture to figure this one out.


I told you already: I’m crazy, not stupid!


It’s a Klein bottle!


I knew the guy who had the only double decker bus in a decent sized city. He didn’t run tours with it on a fixed route; instead he just drove friends around random places for fun. It came with a stick exactly as tall as the bus, so you could measure bridges before you went under them. If it was close, he’d deflate the tires. Once he did that and thought he was all good… until he found out that the far side of the bridge has less clearance than the entrance side.


In the bridge problem you let the air out of the tires.


I think a better (i.e. far more wacky) solution would be to get some dollys, tip the trailer on its side, pull it through that way, and then right it back up.

Don’t try this at home, or anywhere else, folks.


I have never felt so effective




But then Peter Billingsley got involved, and an f-bomb was dropped . . .


But if the fox eats the chicken when you were busy rowing the boat, how much will be left in the gallon jug when the barometer hits the ground?


One of the pieces of the broken bracelet is a single link. It can be attached to its two adjoining links with a single weld, requiring only three total welds for all four pieces to be connected.

Also, to beat a dead horse: Frauenfelder, answer the goddamn electrician riddle.




Found the Sierra adventure game player.

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