The City of San Diego has a weird way of saying "Thank You"

How did they get your name and address?

For those who know my work, I would have obviously been the right man for the job. Just buy me a plane ticket, and I’m there.


IMHO cities neglect infrastructure repairs to discourage homeless people from moving in. When cities are doing repars they tend to use “Hostile Architecture” techniques. I can almost guarantee you that as small as that bench was the “city” would have installed dividers to discourage sleeping on it. Just my opinion.

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For example, San Diego proper has already implemented methods of hostile architecture, as evidenced by the “benches” at the America Plaza trolley station. There used to be those flat, grille-type metal benches intended to prevent long-term comfort, but they have been swapped out for these new concrete cuboid slabs with a 90-degree twist in the middle. You can sit, but you can’t lay flat without discomfort.

(Shout out to Giovanni’s Trattoria, one of SD’s best pizza-by-the-slice restaurants right there in America Plaza)


They knew who I was because the article started with "Boy Scout Blackanvil, 14, cleared out the poison ivy that has been growing in Woodland Park . . . " My family’s address was in the phone book. Even cops, back then at least, knew how to look up addresses in the phone book. Not so sure today.


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