The copay assumes the 99% treat healthcare like spiteful buffet gorgers


They aren’t talking about repurposing money from unrelated things, they are talking about repurposing funds that are currently being spent on healthcare. This isn’t saying you can pay for part of your new car by selling your house, it’s saying you can pay for part of your new car by selling your old car.


Glad you’re finally putting your conservative tribal willful ignorance right out in the open and people can safely ignore you outright from now on.


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High on the list of “talking points to avoid” :slight_smile:

It is not possible to spend money without sponsoring some industry or business model.

And remember, the US and state governments have always used tax-funded spending to influence trade. For example, building public works that democratize market access (such as highways, piers and village commons) to encourage fair competition and participation in open trade. It’s generally because of this that Americans have more opportunities to gain private wealth than people in countries where no such spending has occurred. Choosing to spend sustainably or in a way that employs the poor is not a novel extension of the idea.


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