The demons of Jacques Auguste Simon Collin de Plancy's Dictionnaire Infernal

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I got those tidied up in card form via this:


RE: Belphegor. I’d get grumpy if I had a tail and had to use a toilet that had a backrest that got in the way. Maybe he’s the Demon of Bad Ergonomics.


whoa, check out the butt on lucifer, oh yesss sinner like!

somewhere Jack Chick is crying because he can’t make a cartoon about me.


My Monster Manual seemed to be missing some of these


damn, Lucifer is a sassy bitch




My God if I had had this in my D&D days!

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Whenever I read about these things, I always wonder how anyone takes these seriously, especially the guy making the book, since so much of it is just made up of whole cloth. The designer of these illustrations and writing these descriptions knows they’re just literally making shit up, or “divinely revealed” which is the same thing.

It’s this type of stuff on why I’m always dumbstruck that anyone takes religion seriously.

I’m not entirely surprised that Generally Accepted Accounting Principles is apparently one of the legions of hell.


It seems like it should be much more systematic. Like, the major demons would personify major vices, and the lesser demons would represent their more specific manifestations. So maybe the demon of pride has a child in envy, and their physical grotesqueries correspond to the pitfalls of each. You’d have a corresponding system of angels/virtues, and together they would form cohesive a philosophical system or model of human behavior.

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