The earth is shaking in Oklahoma. But why?

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you know what you are talking about, however rudely. Let’s say that you are a seismologist. In your professional opinion, what is the main danger of loosening fault lines prematurely in this way?

My guess: for Oklahoma, not much. For the San Andreas, possibly that you couldn’t guarantee getting a nice safe 5 rather than a more exciting but disruptive 7.

If you are not a seismologist of course, you can admit it and then we’re all just having a little fun guessing. No need to get all angry with each other, right?

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Allan Danzig, apparently. Cool.

Small point of clarification- Saltwater disposal and/or injection wells are not the same thing as hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”). Hydraulic fracturing is not a technology that is widely used in the areas where these earthquakes are occurring in Oklahoma. There are, however, disposal and injection wells in the hundreds.
Geology Society of America Paper linking quakes to wastewater injection

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