This family's house has been constantly vibrating for weeks

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Sounds kind’a kinky.


could cause damage of soil that isn’t compacted properly.

How does one “damage” soil? I’d imagine the “worst” you could do would be to actually compact it.

The phrase you are looking for is ‘liquifaction’, (link) and it’s what sinkholes are made from.


Er, sink holes are from underground water eroding the limestone or other rock so much until the earth on top of it falls through.

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If it is just up for another week, why not restrict drilling to waking hours, and just have it up a little longer. Family sleep, they get the oil, it is temporary and goes down in a few weeks.


EOG probably has permits + contracts for staff and equipment that only last for that extra week, and were written and contracted per the regulations at the time.

To change the working hours and extend it another week would probably go over budget, and they probably don’t want to eat that overage, when according to the law, they are doing nothing wrong.

A sensible regulation for the future would be “if drilling within 2000 feet of a residence, equipment can only be operating from 6:30am till 10pm, and/or compensate residences for alternate temporary accomodations” It sucks for folks working the night shift, and who sleep during the day. Once you start slinging the regulation-word around though, politicians get twitchy.


Let’s see…

Oklahoma - check
white suburban male - check
supports fossil fuel extraction - check
most likely a GOP voter - check
NIMBY - check, check



They have a right to drill, we have a right to be able to sleep.
… the seismograph proves they’re operating within regulations.

Sounds to me like the regulations don’t support his worldview. :thinking:


Well that is a good answer. Thanks.

At least they’re not wasting quarters on Magic Fingers.


Regulations are for communists, or socialists, or some other -ists…definitely not for red blooded american capitalists.

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Answer the phone.

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Everything in your house is a vibrator for a week.


Settlement, particularly differential settlement would be the concern, where the soil compacts due to the vibrations, potentially tilting the structure or cracking a foundation or causing other structural damage. Vibration and settlement monitoring is common on construction and demolition projects to avoid or mitigate such damage.


Beyond the soil settling I’d be concerned with fasteners in the house (nails, screws, staples, wire splices) working loose from the vibration. Home stuff isn’t designed to withstand vibration like that over a long period. He might notice his doors no longer being completely square in the frame for example. He might find an electrical circuit that suddenly stops working.

But overall this feels like a “but it shouldn’t be happening to ME, I’m one of the good guys” type response.


The good news is they’re safe from windmill cancer.


I have to say, I lost all sympathy for him when he said that. Fundamentally I find, “I just want them to be bothering someone else while they destroy the planet” to not be a very sympathetic position, I guess.


I remember a CSI episode where a lady was killed when her house, constructed near an air base, collapsed on her. They started with the premise that the builder was at fault, but noticed that her house was vibrated daily by multiple jet takeoffs and near passes; the approach and takeoff patterns had changed when they built a new runway. The fasteners eventually shook so much they loosened, the joints failed, and crunch!

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"They have the right to get the oil, I want the oil to come from Oklahoma, it’s great for the economy, it’s great for Oklahoma," Starks said. “At the same point we have some rights to be able to sleep in our house and then we have to find that balance.”

Sorry, Starks. Freedom isn’t free; if we don’t drill your land, Iran and Venezuela Socialism take over. We are sacrificing you on the altar of Gilded Age capitalism and the glorious petroleum industry. This is The Lottery and you are It. You know if it was happening to Someone Else, you would be pitiless and merciless, so suck it up and take one for the team.

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