Photo of a monstrous hole swallowing a neighborhood


These are most likely dachas or summer homes. So no human life was lost. Also Berezniki close by had a bigger sinkhole a few years back.

In Russia, the salt eats you!


Paul, crushed into a corner beside a window, stared down at the silent machine on the sand. The wormsign had broken off about four hundred meters from the crawler. And now, there appeared to be turbulence in the sand around the factory.

“The worm is now beneath the crawler,” Kynes said. “You are about to witness a thing few have seen.”

Flecks of dust shadowed the sand around the crawler now. The big machine began to tip down to the right. A gigantic sand whirlpool began forming there to the right of the crawler. It moved faster and faster. Sand and dust filled the air now for hundreds of meters around.

Then they saw it!

A wide hole emerged from the sand. Sunlight flashed from glistening white spokes within it. The hole’s diameter was at least twice the length of the crawler, Paul estimated. He watched as the machine slid into that opening in a billow of dust and sand. The hole pulled back.


"I’m not so much worried about the hole, as the space octopus. "


Look up Jefferson Island Louisiana. Similar story but much shorter timeline.

I did it.

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If you think this can only happen in other countries, here’s a cesspool related sinkhole threatening a neighborhood in South Plainfield, NJ.


The Christmas’ Sarlacc is coming early this season!

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