Sinkhole swallows house's backyard


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Why the hell is it sloshing like that?!


Well, it is Australia and the water is pretty muddy so… at I guess I’d say it’s because they’re drowning a little Maker to get Water of Life.

Seriously, thanks for asking - I was wondering that, too.


I like how there’s just three orange cones to keep people away. No fence; not even some of that DO NOT CROSS tape.

Just three orange cones, as if to subtly suggest “We don’t think it’s a good idea to go over there but hey, you do you”.


It’s Australia. They’d put up tape and fencing and flashing warning lights, but the koalas would just steal it all to make their nests.


Now’s the perfect time to add that in-ground pool.


And the drop bears would make weapons out of it.


This one time, I got bit by a radioactive koala, and now every year on January the 26th I eat eucalyptus leaves and get ornery.


Still better than getting chlamydia.


Who do you think gave it to the koalas?


you misinterpret the situation: the cones are poisonous and aggressive


Is the video being taken from a helicopter? If so, it could be the wind. Or it might have just swallowed some more dirt. The videos here show it expanding. Very neat.


I was thinking a hog-wallow, but for some of us, that’s the same thing.


Someone is going to have to translate for me. It almost sounds like the political leader in charge admitted there was fault, took responsibility to ensure restitution would happen, and even named which civic department was responsible. Clearly, I must be misreading somehow.

/U.S. citizen, accustomed to very different politics


meanwhile in China


well, not quite.

This is the mayor talking; I’m pretty sure the “mines department” is part of the provincial government.

So the mayor got to be in the news being empathetic and caring for his electorate while passing the buck to someone else’s bailiwick/budget.

Sounds recognizably “American” to me…


Woohoo! Free pool!


surf’s up in the new in-ground pool!


A little sinkhole is no big concern compared to Australia’s native fauna.


Just don’t try to touch bottom on the deep end…