“The Facebook” in a TV commercial from 1995 that never actually was



I can’t tell if this is supposed to be a tongue-in-cheek computer-ignorant “do you have the email on this computer?” thing, or a reference to how the site really did launch as The Facebook?

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It’s a parody of 90’s AOL/Compuserve-type ads (the “all you need is a computer and a phone line” bit may well have been taken verbatim), combined with a “What would facebook look like if had been invented 10 years earlier”, complete with 2,400-baud dial-up modems to slow to upload pictures and printers with resolution not fit for pictures.

Brent gets bonus points in my book for nailing the late-90s-to-mid-00s oddity of advertisements showing PC computers/screens with what was obviously screen-grabbed from a Mac – in most cases the graphic designers were Mac users even when they were selling Microsoft products.

But then he lost those points for not showing the sheer anticipation of watching the coworker’s JPG load lines pixel…by…pixel from the top down. Was she wearing a bathing suit? Was she nude? You wouldn’t know until a few minutes into the download when it got down to her shoulders.

Edit: Ooor I could have just read the rest of the post. The AOL ad it directly parodied was under the fold.

Was so good I knew it had to be a fake.

“But what about my privacy?”
“…It’s no big deal!”

Limit one AOL disc per household. :smile:

works on a pc or mac ?? but , but . . . i was still on an amiga then !!! ahhh , the olden style days !! why , we had to walk 12 miles in the snow , uphill both ways , to get our fortran decks to the reader , and then trudge across campus through more snow and a river of lava , just to get to our ascii art porn printouts !! and , we LIKED it !! we liked it just fine !!


Best line “my kids have to look up dinosaurs”

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Every kid wants to look up dinosaurs. It’s like porn, except for children. Like child, er… porn. I mean, uhh…


Reminds me of the 1994 Brazilian soap opera that featured the Internet as a futuristic plot device and was the first time a lot of people in the country ever heard of it.

As expected from 1994, ‘the Internet’ meant a completely awesome chatroulette/skype/carmen-sandiego hybrid: it’s purpose was clicking on a world map to talk to random strangers. Why not, right? Still makes more sense than the virtual reality filing cabinets in that Michael Douglas movie of the same vintage.

In case you’re wondering (automatic subtitles were useless so I turned them off), this Meet Cute scene is between a Brazilian gypsy (?) internetting as a way to vent about her arranged gypsy wedding woes to some random person in Japan who would never understand her language. Which turns out to be some Brazilian guy who just happens to live in Japan (?). As always happens. Yeah, I didn’t actually watch that soap opera. Or any other.

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