The fastest and easiest way I've found to start a charcoal chimney

I’ve been eager to try the Texas Crutch using the paper method bur finding rolls less that 100ft is problematic. (Yes I know I can use aluminum foil.) Guess I’ll have to bite the bullet and get some.


Meaning that you dump and refill the chimney? Or did you go out and get a second chimney. (I’ve considered it.)

The liquid oxygen technique is impressive, but it’s overkill. I think the gas burner is too. At that point, do you even need the grill?

I use a sheet of newspaper. The coals are ready in 15 minutes.


Like my chemistry teacher taught us:

“Do as ya oughter— add LOX to flaming coals”

Or maybe that’s not exactly right.


I use pressed paper egg cartons or coffee shop cup carriers plus the brown paper bags they were accompanied by. One carton does four firings, with about a 25 Sq cm piece of paper to start it. Much more reliable than newspaper ever was, no ink or petrochemicals involved.

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2nd chimney. If the 2nd one is just half full I start it ~5m after the first.

Also, briquets are fine, but imo, you want a hot hot fire buy lump charcoal.

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I think most newspapers have converted to using soy-based inks now. I remember the LA Times making a big deal out of the switch.

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If I get diagnosed with something terminal, I’d like to think I would do the LOX barbeque thing with nothing to lose.


In to be snobby about using briquettes… I like the lump charcoal since it seems to start faster and also you can add it directly if you want more later.

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Makes for a really nice door lock de-icer too. ^____^


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