The FBI and the New York Times warn that smart toys are emissaries from the Internet of Shit

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I agree smart toys are bad but why did you put an old photo of @beschizza in the article? :wink:


I’d wager that more homes have IoSTs that record and track you versus homes thst have connected toys. Not that toys like this don’t present issues, but a lot of those same issues exist with a whole host of Amazon/Google devices. Not to mention the number of “kids” who have cellphones these days…

The My Friend Cayla doll, for example, uses speech recognition software coupled with Google Translate.

Oh I so hope there’s a setting for English to Swahili and back to English!

Directly, the New York Times warns of the dangers of all your fiery toy that your kids are asking for at Xmas: Furbies, Cayla, newborn babies, Vtech’s most commonly-colored catches (from bad Cloudpets, maybe because the company it’s out of business now).

Smart toys are emissaries from the internet of shit but buy this programmable dancing robot.


Solves the localization issues-- just translate the users input into mandarin, and translate the cpu’s output back into the user’s native language.

Hey, you should be encouraged at this sign that ads aren’t influencing the editorial content.

No criticism, but I can see it now: A parent lovingly embraces their child who has asked for a particular smart toy, and the parent soothingly says, “No. Sorry, sweet heart. This toy is from the internet of shit.”

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