The final draft of the GOP tax plan transfers even more wealth to the 1%: now they get 83%

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The Coastal Elites really ought to send a “Happy Holidays, Suckers!” card to the Real American™ working- and middle-class Americans who voted for Il Douche and GOP politicians, thanking them for their generous gift.


Even in the first year, it’s not an across-the-board tax cut. I will be paying significantly more right away, since I will no longer be able to deduct alimony payments. Just feckin’ great.


Gawd I sure am appreciative for folks like Susan Sarandon and others who thought electing trump over HRC would teach us all a good stern lesson… because HRC was such an evil vile human being, Susan just could not imagine her being President. Does Susan even live in the United States any more? Is she currently vacationing in her second home in Europe watching from afar waiting for the tax bill benefits to kick in so she can come back and collect her windfall… at the expense of children, the working poor, middle and working class Americans? Fuck you Susan Sarandon and any others who thought their protest vote was worth the toliet paper they wipe their asses with. Just fuck you!


No shit.

The bigger question is weither or not the democrats have the courage to reverse it.

Edit: turns out they don’t


I will too. No more medical deductions. Fuck you trump!


I’m not an accountant, but have you considered buying a private jet for both you and your ex? That would at least double that deduction, which may help.

You’re welcome.


I don’t understand why Republicans keep trying this. “Trickle Down Economics” didn’t work under Reagan. It didn’t work under George Dubbya. Yet, they keep saying it will grow the economy. It doesn’t. It just makes the rich richer. And yet, the people who get screwed the most are usually the ones who vote Republican.


Just read up some more, and it seems the tax plan will only affect alimony from divorces occurring after 2018. That explains why they’d vote for it, since otherwise I’m sure it would have affected a lot of the GOP lawmakers currently paying ex-spouses.

OK, less pain for me then, but it still overall sucks mightily.




And the worst part is they don’t care. Because in the USA we try to have peaceful dissent The scumbags know that they are generaly safe from us physically and that even if they loose their office they will be ensconced in a cushy job as a shill or as an overpaid upper management flac. In short we’re screwed and there is nothing we can do.


Fear not! The benevolent upper-class will invest that money and it will trickle down to us through new jobs and industry. /s


Christ what assholes.
Fuck those guys!


We are very concerned about this bill. At one point it appeared that we would have to pay income taxes on business expenses like the cost of shipping supplies. We will almost certainly have to incorporate and hire an accountant and/or tax lawyer, even though we’re tiny.

It’s like the man said, “Get rich or die.”


For me, it actually looks like come out about $400 ahead*, (at least until the cuts sunset for individuals) but this is a terrible policy. I’m not sure that ANYBODY with two brain cells to rub together thinks that businesses will suddenly decide to use this windfall to pay people more, but it seems like some people can still make that claim with a straight face.

*The cut in rates and adjustment of the income levels on them seem to make up for loosing the ability to deduct ~$4k in state and local taxes and losing one personnel exemption.

Edited to add. If I had a child, or a more expensive house those savings would have evaporated.

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The GOP handles the tax cuts; Clinton would have handled creating new forms of property, easing currency exchange rules, subsidizing risk to banks, etc. It’s a two-party system.

Trickle On Economics



Yeah, as a small business (of one person) this will pretty much wipe me out. According to all calculations my taxes will go up, I can’t deduct any business expenses, and my personal deductions are apparently gone as well.

On the plus side, the $10,000 property tax deduction may help my housemates from having to sell our home.


We should form a super PAC. Or maybe an ultra mega PAC. If we don’t get organized and buy some politicians soon, the system will devour us like it does everyone else.