The forgotten kingpins who conspired to save California wine

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I wonder if the same guy would be imprisoned if he destroyed a half-billion dollars’ worth of cat piss? I mean, on the one hand, it’s only cat piss, but on the other hand, whoa, it’s a half-billion dollars’ worth!

(Cue that guy with the pink avatar to tell us that wine and cat piss are really the same thing.)


“forgotten” is the key word here…

That would be Budweiser and cat’s piss.

No hang on, that’s horse piss isn’t it? Heineken so.


Not strictly on topic but what really stood out for me in the old American menus and wine lists posted here recently, apart from the amount of sweet/liquor wines, oh and breakfast wine, was how the American wines cost the same as European ones, which I wouldn’t have imagined would have been the case until a good bit later.

This is not a yurp running down 'merkin wine - I’ve had some fabulous wines from the U.S. though I generally can’t afford to drink US wine as a good bottle does cost a bit more than something more local and the cheap stuff isn’t to my taste.

And “Conspired” makes it seem shady, when the truth seems to be far more straightforward and mundane.

Possibly this is to do with exchange rates overriding transportation costs. I can’t find any good tables quickly tonight, but as I recall from Innocents Abroad, Twain found Europe absurdly cheap at that time (roughly the mid 1800’s, similar to the menus posted). This is completely conjecture on my part, but is a possible explanation.


Check out Winehaven, just north of the Richmond/San Rafael bridge on point molate. I was fascinated by this turreted castle-like warehouse and the surrounding houses when looking for a place to walk the dog.

hey @jlw - have you read Tangled Vines yet?

I just picked up a couple of copies to read along with my favourite step-sister-in-law, because the blurbs make it seem like a dramatacized historical, along the lines of Devil in the White City. I’ve only just picked it up to read, but am excited so far.

Don’t worry! I will protect you from this unconvivial upstart!

This book sounds interesting to me. I was involved on the periphery of the wine business for a while, and would like to read it.

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