The future of banana technology?

The wearable banana:


Uhhh, Do… Do we now have to say: Just Wear it?


Steampunk: Where the past is the future.

Look at my brass gears. Just look at them.

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Gotta say it’s a swing and a miss. Humor is hard.

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Could it be that a lot of the appeal of steampunk is that it’s more intelligible and comprehensible to someone without an advanced degree in comp-sci?

Like the fact that with no more than some screwdrivers a prybar and maybe a magnifying glass, you could examine a steampunk machine and understand how it works, while an IC or a CPU, or a solid-state sensor is more of a black box? If you tried to take apart a CPU to see how it works, it would be destroyed. But a mechanical calculator should be imminently disassemble and straight forward enough to put back together as long as you have a proper way to organize the parts?

Or is it that people just like shiny brass gears, and elegant hardwood paneling?

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