The GDPR might actually create an "attention economy"


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Never understood why advertisers didn’t want to work with me beyond Google’s 5 option feedback. There are a lot of ads I want to see and a lot more I have no interest or will make me not like the product if I do see. I hope the GDPR works and spreads to the rest of the world, the more I read of it the more I want it here.
Also why don’t sites like this host their own ads? Instead of targeting ads to the individual user target ads to the users of a site and have the site serve them up like any other image.


This seems too ethical to work.


I feel this is a great thing, and my entire crappy career of 22 years has been in advertising. If the whole thing went down in flames, I would dance among the ashes. I’m sick of what I do.

That said…

I hate the video ads on bb, and other sites, that slowly expand – pushing apart what I’m reading – and then slowly close when the video is done playing. It’s like a little ad Moses, parting the “read see”.

At least lately the audio doesn’t also start playing (usually) and I can close them early by hitting the “x” (usually).

Regardless of whether it plays silently and respects my closing it or not, it’s invasive and SO FUCKING ANNOYING!


It would be interesting to see if the Basic Attention Token and the Brave browser catch on. Lots of good people behind the project, but there doesn’t seem to be much proof at the moment that the whole concept would work.


It’s pretty sad that Cory has so fully internalized US corporations’ sense of entitlement to wanton privacy abuses that simple common-sense measures to restore humans’ right to privacy and close loopholes are construed as a trade war.


Will you give him permission to show you the future?


But the fut…

I said NO.





… And what about THIS future?

/Turns ON NoScript and blocks all domains.


And if a site’s not readable without turning on other unrelated domains (including CloudFront and similar ilk) then I go to another site! Surprisingly I have very few problems with this approach.


There’s a marketing hall of fame?


Surprisingly it’s not well marketed.


Wait, the internet has autoplaying videos? o.O

Get thee to thy browser’s add-ons site and obtain thee flashstopper forthwith.


Yeahhhhh. Unfortunately I do a fair chunk of my browsing of bb at work, and I use incognito tabs, which denies access to my plugins. Unless there’s a way around that and I’m too oblivious to realize it.


Incognito is chrome, right? here:



Thank you very much!

ETA Seriously. Thank you. From the TechRepulic article you linked I learned about the Tor Browser, and have now jumped browsers entirely.


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