The Haunted Key, repeatable magic


Behold! Gravity in all its glory!


Rather than giving money through undisclosed affiliate links, here’s how the trick works:


That aside, the video doesn’t really work because you can’t see if the hand is normal to gravity. If it’s a slope, there’s no trick at all. I’m sure it’s cooler in person.

I think i missed the “trick” part. I just see a guy rolling a key with gravity in his palm.


Next up the Haunted Ball Bearing and Ramp.


I hate to come across as a jerk, but this may be the worst “magic” trick I’ve ever seen.


I don’t think anyone on BB suspects that magic tricks are in any way connected to supernatural phenomena. We all know it’s a performance. Slamming it seems inappropriate. The wonder of magic belongs to children more than to adults. The appreciation of a well-done performance can be ours, if we briefly let go of the critical element. A childhood friend’s stepfather could make coins and cards appear and vanish remarkably well. I knew they weren’t being produced out of thin air, but delighted in the act.

This trick is cute and fun, and true, most anyone can do it well with just a bit of rehearsal. The key is 100% inspectable, and it fits in any pocket. Another good trick for any time, any place.
I think this video demonstrates it just a little better, along with some of the possibilities.


hahah no one cares!

YouTube comments are that way :arrow_down:



Done right and for the right people it’s a strong piece of magic. BB commenters may skew a bit too astute for the method but believe me…it works for most people most of the time. Please don’t share it widely.

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