The hazards of Moon dust


For a long time I assumed we’d never established permanent human habitation on the Moon because of the expense, and I know that’s still part of it, but it seems like this is one of many technical hurdles to be overcome. If I were working in the space program I’d be thrilled by the challenge.

As an outsider I want to grab the Moon by the shoulders and yell “Why are you making this so difficult?”


So, fast internet via laser link on the plus side, Pneumoconiosis on the downside when staying at the Lunar Hilton?


Huh, so that bit in Portal 2 about moon dust killing off Cave Johnson wasn’t just a funny twist of story?

The ping time would suck. 2.5 second round trip just from light-speed delay.

Still better than acoustic modems.

I’d say the view is worth the risk.

Oh yes, definitely. I’d go.

While waiting for takeoff, try reading this:

If it triggers my defensive systems like pollen, there is no way that stuff is getting through my mucous shield. (or perhaps, just seed the air with some rag weed pollen)

Or you could take up smoking, the tar might just act as a binding agent.

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Solution: Manufacture vacuum seals from moon dust.


Everything you need to know about moon dust


Sounds appalling, I’m sure I would have loved it!
Edit: That (vacuum seals formed out of compacted ‘moondust’) does kinda sound like the too-hard candies you get in some cereals nowadays…

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Thanks for the link though, time for a trip down memory lane!

Given the (very, very, very) long list of ‘horrible ways to die caused by prolonged exposure to dust, even dust composed of materials that are inert or nontoxic to humans’, I find it profoundly difficult to be optimistic about human exposure to a mixture of fine mineral dust and entirely unweathered micrometeorite glass fragments for any length of time.

On the plus side, the feelings of profound weakness and exhaustion that accompany the later stages of progressive pulmonary failure probably don’t slow you down nearly as much in lunar gravity!

After experience on the beach, it looks like sex on the moon is right out.

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Seems like something could be done with static electricity. I mean, we all have experience with CRTs collecting dust. Imagine if a charged panel were designed to do that on purpose.

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I’ve been thinking about something like this for years. Something you’d hang on your wall like a picture frame, only it would attract all the dust particles in the air, hold them and bag them.

Something like an electrostatic dust collector?
Edit: looks like the technical term is electrostatic precipitator.
Chang-Yu Wu: Lunar Dust Control by an Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP)