The history of clear electronic devices in prisons

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I was also unaware of the fact that prisons were the main places keeping the cassette business alive long after it largely died out elsewhere.

The same is true of typewriters (along with police departments who wanted to keep using carbon-copy forms).


they still have to comply with those restrictions in texas. my younger son was in a state prison in 2019. his fan, radio, and hotpot were all transparent and the hotpot was restricted to a maximum of145 degrees fahrenheit which allowed it to kill bacteria but made the hot water less useful as a weapon.


Apparently caging humans has many pitfalls.


I still use cassettes (RIP Mini-Discs).They really are a useful technology, especially for sketching out musical compositions on four track cassette machines.

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Clearly interesting. See also:

How many Americans need to be imprisoned in order to support an entire genre of consumer electronics?

2.3 million, apparently.

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