The history of Spikey, the Wolfram logo

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I’m glad to see that it wasnt a ripoff of a Brazilian tradition, rather just a case of convergent evolution.


I’ve got one of those in a box in the shed, 'Sposed to promote creativity and whatnot. You whack it about into new shapes and it…suggests things.

Formally unemployed for going on seven years. Been devoting my time to subverting the Royal Mint.


I remember that intersecting tetrahedra poster from college, which was probably not coincidentally the period when I was excited about Mathematica. Colorful polyhedra are noted catnip to the autistic mind, and also the Mathematica notebook interface (created by Theodore Gray, not Wolfram) was and is cool.

I’ve since learned to roll my eyes irritably at the mere mention of Stephen Wolfram. But the polyhedra are still cool. And lately Jupyter is all the rage, with its open-source implementation of that notebook idea.


First thing this symbol brought to mind for me was how long ago my life clock would have expired in Logan’s world.

Blinky Spikey given out at Collision in Toronto yesterday.

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