The HyperChiller makes iced coffee in less than a minute

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How does it work on other drinks?

It doesn’t, it will explode.


Great! Now all I need is a thingy that can make warm cola!

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Makes one wonder if there’s a gadget which uses a peltier chip to brew coffee and immediately cool if off.

Could be very efficient!

“How does it work on other drinks?”

Same way. You put the HyperChiller in the freezer and when it’s cold it can cool any liquid. Good thing they patented the “technology”. /sarcasm

It seems like it would be better to have some sort of steel hollow spiral tube that the coffee flows through and then a big hollow for ice around that. Just pour it through into the container below and voila.

Edit: something like this but much smaller.

Edit 2: oh it exists

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just as i did at Cup-A-Joe in Knoxville back in the late '90s… I just make ice cubes outta the last cup or two in the pump. Simply dilute your hot coffee with frozen coffee and problem solved.

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I guess you cold mod this one to make cold coffee:

It’s great for chilling flowers, too!

The thing is, if you look at the photo they went ahead and put ice cubes in the pre-chilled coffee anyway. I guess that chilling it first makes it so the ice cubes don’t melt as quickly, allowing you to finish drinking your iced coffee before it has become too diluted, but it still gets diluted.

But - but - it’s for chilling coffee. It says so right in the name. I can’t go on.

Huh, that’s kinda neat, but if you’re already going that far, why not set up a counterflow chiller


Lol. It’s a freezer mug. They forgot to mention it.

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