The inhuman schedule of manga creators

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I’ve been in somewhat of a reading kick lately when it comes to manga (Jp), manhwa (Kr) & manhua (Ch). Japan generally has the best quality and typically has the most amount of hand drawn work and detail. Interestingly in manhwa and manhua they have a lot of time saving tricks with varying degrees of efficacy. They will use 3D programs to make props, objects, architectural pieces, landscapes and even characters. At times its seamless and works with great effect but most of the times its used very very lazily, when certain details could’ve very easily been hand drawn (lets say a baseball bat for example) and the creators just drop an asset into the scene and looks like a visual mess.

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Even western creators often use modeling programs to get buildings, vehicles, weapons, etc correct. Much faster than the old way of drawing out vanishing lines etc.

I was on a kick reading Junji Ito books. Super spooky stuff.

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