The magazines in doctors' offices are old because you keep stealing the new ones


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Ok, so now someone explain why the only magazines are Huntin’ An’ Fishin’ or Good Housewifing?


I don’t steal them. Those magazines have been touched by sick people. I might catch something.

Plus, y’know, I have the internet in my pocket. Why would I want to read a magazine?


I misread that as Good HouseWiFi.

See? I was right.


Did you not read even the summary? It’s because the good ones, like People and Us, keep getting swiped.

Here’s an idea: remove the televisions from all waiting rooms and supply them with National Geographic or Smithsonian. You won’t be forced to read, even the pictures are filled with truth and beauty.

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BMJ is one of my favorite medical journals because they have a sense of humor; note, for example, this proposed randomized controlled trial of parachute use (there’s a problem recruiting participants). That having been said, they’re a bit behind the curve; whenever I or anyone else is at my doctor’s office, we’re checking our phones.

RTFA. It’s right there. You just click. And read it. Surely that takes less work than logging in to make an inane comment!

As a doctor’s receptionist, I can tell you that we never order any magazines. What we have just shows up, as if by magic. I think there’s some sort of mailing list that auto-generates office subscriptions. I’m currently getting GQ, Wired, and Marie Claire. In the past, we’ve had Architectural Digest, Family Circle, Reader’s Digest, etc. We never get any bills. It’s bizarre.

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