The majority of cases happen … when the driver goes into autopilot


She’s basically turned out exactly like me, only with tits and long hair. I’m not sure if that counts as ‘lucky’, but she aten’t dead.


Sounds like my criteria for a new girlfriend. Pretty sure you don’t read Cosmo


Well, exactly like me is a bit of a stretch. I’m much prettier.


How about a key fob that freaks out if you’re more than 10 feet away? From the child.

Not BoingBoing :wink:


Ballpark’s fine. Someone who might post on here and score a shitload of likes from me, that’s the gist.


On the other hand, nearly 3000 people died (mostly) preventable deaths in the French heat wave of 2003, many of them elderly people who nobody bothered to check in on.


I have a friend who learned that lesson at the expense of his sight in one eye around age 3.


Well, yeah… like I said above, at that age it’s madness. My comment was more relevant to school-age kids.


Yeah, that’s the problem with heat. It saps people, especially the vulnerable, into a zoned out state.

You’re right - when mild weather cultures are hit with heat, tragedies do ensue.


My 5 year old starts school this fall. It’s still madness. Every kid is different, though. Mine is exceedingly reckless. He’s only been to hospital for injury once, though, and only because we watch him like hawks.


Same score with one of mine. Since age dot. Wants something, gets something, no matter the obstacle.


When I was a kid, people used to joke that the emergency room should have a room reserved for me…


I was fascinating - all sorts of scrapes, scares, bumps, but never once in the hospital. Fell out of a conifer from about 70 feet, bouncing all the way down and landing on my feet. Just a cut knee.

It’s really just the luck of the draw!

With my reckless one, I’ve been training her to move like a cat. She didn’t care when we tried to persuade her to “be more careful” - but she can attach to the idea of moving like a cat. I’m teaching her to keep her weight low, knees bent a bit in motion, watching “cat-like” where she’s going, and be aware of her environment.

I thought it was paying off, but … a cut lip on Monday at school; head-collision.


I may give this a go with my boy. We have several cats from which he can observe movement. Though, I think it might drive Dad a bit crazy. Lately, he’s been emulating any superhero types he sees on TV or movies. For months, it was Spider-Man, then Iron Man, and just the other day, the bad guy from The Incredibles (because he had that ray he shot from his fingertips). None of these are particularly good examples of “careful” movement. :frowning:


Sounds like you’ve got a long list of heroes to get through.

Can’t wait for updates on Hulk, Superman, Mr Fantastic …

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