Dashcam video of distracted teen drivers crashing their cars while texting


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This is why I always drive way too fast, it helps focus my attention


I wonder if they normalized these numbers against the time spent doing those things when NOT crashing the car. I.e., if the driver typically spends 15% of their time in a car interacting with other passengers, then they will be doing just that during 15% of their accidents, even if there is no correlation between the two.


I love the very last clip. The girl is texting or doing something on her phone and drives off the road. In the middle of recovery she STILL glances down again at her phone.


jesus. I hadn’t noticed that. Priorities!


Not only teens but adults too. On a motorcycle you become hyper aware of what other drivers are doing. I’ve seen drivers, reading the news paper, texting with both hands and putting on eye liner while looking in the visor mirror all while on the road doing at least 40.


busy updating facebook status about her current mood while crashing a car.


-Brenda u doing nao?
-Crashing LOL :boom::car:


And yet still safer than older drivers…


Teens don’t use facebook anymore.


I’ve only been hit by younger drivers, mainly because the elderly drivers are easier to spot. Since they drive slower, it’s easier to predict their behavior.

True, and yet my father is unlikely to ground me indefinitely for being a moron.


I remember us joking in Drivers’ Ed in the 70s about how having a TV in the car would be distracting. Of course, nobody thought to add: “No, really! Let’s make it your own personal interactive TV! - just for the driver!”


There will be lots of hand-wringing and calls for action in relation to the latest air-crash, but this epidemic of ongoing teen idiocy on the roads will continue unabated. If our teenagers were being killed at the same rate by anything other than car crashes, there would be outrage. But there’s not. Because, convenience. A campaign to raise minimum driving age would get my support.


I only watched half of it. I guess I don’t feel like watching train wrecks today.

So glad someone honked on the 3rd one to let her know she dun fucked up.

It seemed to me that most of the ones I watched would not have ended in a crash had they not over corrected their initial screw up. Course that comes with experience.

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Sorry, clearing slowing my age. Then she was busy twating on twitter about crashing or instagraming or doing a reddit AMA about teens texting while crashing.

I’m not so sure about that. I suppose one can pick and choose when it comes to statistics, but here is one that disagrees:


If that chart is accurate, it’s interesting because it also coincides with the fact that the human brain is still developing in the early twenties.

In my opinion, it also shows that people over 75-80 really need to start being evaluated more closely (driving class, etc. to determine if they’re still safe enough to drive, etc.)

Is it normalized for the amount of people in each age range?

Also, I think everyone should have to retake their test on a regular basis.

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I’m sorry officer, I wasn’t texting I was making this ship in a bottle.