Drink, drive, die

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No human is smart, sexy, cute, or invulnerable when they are drunk, but they think they are.


Why do you care what other people think? Be yourself!

I kind of love the idea of prison inmates randomly popping up in mirrors EVERYWHERE in the world, and not merely for purposes of public service announcements. Obviously that guy was pretty remorseful already, but that was probably the best day he’ll have in fifteen years.

Even well-run prisons with an emphasis on actual rehabilitation (I’m assuming there still are some in the US although I couldn’t give you an example) are still socially isolating, in all likelihood well past the point of usefulness. God knows how many lives the occasional hour of chit-chat with strangers over Skype could save, even if it were about the weather instead of DUIs.



One night my spouse and I were nearly hit by a drunk driver who, I suspect, was also underage.

This is a great service for all those who are lucky enough to have never been in that situation or who’ve never been harmed by a drunk driver.


Amazing…Most people don’t realize DUI’s are NOT, I repeat NOT the leading cause of traffic fatalities. A simple GOOGLE search will verify. Heck even the MADD site showed that it wasn’t. Why is the penalty so much more severe than the other moving violations, and the leading cause of traffic fatalities?? Answer:MADD funnels money into politics! If you are caught for violating the leading cause of traffic fatalities your punishment is much, much less severe! Over the last 20 years, the public has been fooled into thinking DUI’s kill the most people…BUT THEY DON"T!!!

Think about this… A beer commercial will end with “Don’t Drink and Drive”, or “Drink Responsibly”, but car commercials show careless, reckless driving, or show “Professional Driver on Closed Course”, they will also show how much horsepower the car has, etc. How stupid is this?

Please pass the word so legislation can be re-examined, as this doesn’t make any sense. If you want to save the most lives on our roads then we are focusing on the wrong group of drivers/offenses. It appears that the whole deal with DUI was over $$ and NOT to save the MOST lives. Sure DUI is not a good thing, but since it doesn’t kill the most people on our roads (read NOT the leading cause of traffic fatalities) should it have the most severe punishment???

Why are there no check points for the leading cause of traffic fatalities??? Are we concerned about saving lives, or $$?

Wait, what’s the leading cause of traffic fatalities then? You never mentioned it.


I get the feeling that you’re trying to make a point, but for some reason, I just can’t figure out what it is.


I’d suggest that while they may not be the leading cause of fatalities, these are fatalities that are actually easily preventable.


You created a user account just to downplay the seriousness of driving under the influence?

Well look at you.


Some people do good works in their communities, others create works of art or contribute to the sum of human knowledge… some troll message boards.


The leading causes as compiled by the NHTSA are:

  1. Distracted Driving

  2. Speeding

  3. DUI

I am not downplaying the seriousness of DUI. I am stating a FACT. Most people have been led to believe that DUI is the leading cause, and it’s NOT. Also, why is the penalty so much more severe for a DUI than the leading causes? If we are really interested in saving the most lives the penalty should be the most severe for the leading cause. DUI is NOT, yet it gets the most attention. Are we looking to save the most lives, or make a profit for local governments?

The top 2 causes are as easily preventable as a DUI is. It is your choice to Speed the same as it is your choice to get behind the wheel after drinking. It is also your choice to text, talk on the phone, dig for a french fry between the seats, put make up on, etc, as it is to get behind the wheel after drinking. The whole idea here is that it doesn’t make any sense! Why are you not penalized as severe for the top leading causes of traffic fatalities? Why are there no “roving patrols” set up for the top two leading causes of traffic fatalities, but there are for DUI? Why is the penalty so much more severe for DUI when it is only the third leading cause? Why do beer commercials say don’t drink and drive, but cosmetic commercials don’t say “leave your makup at home”? etc, etc,

I don’t know about where you live, but…


Up here, we have blitzes pretty much every long weekend looking for this stuff.


I’m not talking about a single cop car waiting for a speeder. I’m talking about throwing the same amount of resources at a spot where people speed to stop multiple cars at the same time, not just one car. You and I both know we all slow down until we get past that one car. Go 2 miles down the road, and everyone is back speeding again. I also have never seen the same resources thrown at distracted driving either. And, that still doesn’t explain why the penalty for the top two are not as severe as a DUI, or why media (commercials and the like) does not recognize the top two, yet they do emphasize DUI.

OPP say each year, for the past three years, officers have laid about 20,000 distracted driving charges throughout the province.


“So far [in the first ten months of] this year the OPP have laid over 6800 alcohol and drug impaired driving charges,” Blair explained. “This is an unbelievable statistic.”

So, if you extrapolate, that would be ~8000 impaired driving charges in one year, compared to ~20,000 distracted driving charges.

Again, this is where I live, so I don’t know how it compares to your area.


They don’t do that here in the USA, or I have not heard of any in my area anyway. Again, even if there was that still doesn’t explain why a DUI punishment is so much more severe, or why the media doesn’t mention the top 2 like they do drinking. Something is wrong here. Perhaps there are no lobbyists for the other causes like there is for MADD.

Really. I see cars pulled over regularly in Seattle rush hour and it sure wouldn’t be for speeding or drunk driving. The State Patrol regularly advertises on billboards they are setting up specific watches for cell phone+driving.
Not the holiday specific slow down and check everyone stops that are more for DUI but oh they do patrol for it and on a regular basis.
As a 2 wheel commuter I am well aware of the idiots paying attention to their phone over their 2 ton deathmobile. I am happy to see them get pulled over.


Yeah, I was talking about the massive resources they put into DUI’s. They don’t do anything like that for the top 2.

Kinda hard to set that up for distracted driving or speeding though. Hey look at all those flashy lights ahead and everyone slowing down. Not gonna get anyone but the very very stupid as they have to catch you in the act vs. catching you drunk which is much easier in that situation and the incidence of drunk driving increases for the holiday fun (supposedly, i dunno though)
Vs patrolling rush hour traffic on a regular basis where you will catch offenders for distracted driving. Like fish in a barrel from what I see.