Video shows drunken-driving arrest of Washtenaw police lieutenant

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If he’d been black and/or a ‘civilian’ this would have ended ugly. (Civilian in parentheses because it seems to be the going term for non-police, which really shows the us versus them mindset of an organization that considers itself an unofficial branch of the military)


The long arm of the law strikes again.

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Imagine what would have happened if Filipiak wasn’t a sheriff lieutenant

Why? These officers seemed incredibly patient and professional. Granted, they know they’re on video and dealing with a fellow officer, but what evidence do we have to doubt their behavior under other circumstances?

There are enough horrible police interactions on caught on video this week alone to make the point you want to make. Let’s not cast aspersions about these guys who were more patient than I would have been in that situation.


Not a huge fan of the direction law enforcement is heading these days, but I’ll be damned if Morrison didn’t act with the utmost patience in this situation. I gotta hand it to him.*

Also…it’s quite interesting how we revert so quickly to childish behavior and logic when we’re plastered. You could practically see Filipiak pulling out all the stratagems he likely used as a five-year old.

*I am so hoping Filipiak wasn’t getting preferential treatment from Morrison in comparison to the arrests of other suspects by Morrison.


Looks like the lieutenant has had similar issues in the past

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I really do hope the officer is as tolerant and patient to non-police officers who disobey orders, resist arrest, and try to “make a deal.”


Man, I’m not that patient with my 5 year old when he won’t take a nap. There’s no way I could have been shown such patience in that situation. It’s hard to maintain that kind of emotional distance in interactions like that. I’m impressed.


I was a behavioral intervention specialist at a school for “mentally disturbed children”. I was kicked, punched, spit on, etc. and NOTHING infuriates me more than when my own kids can’t put on their damn shoes when we’re running late for something.


“Where are they, you just had them!!!”


Every year local news people report on DUI, and help to reinforce the fallacy that DUI is the leading cause of traffic fatalities when it’s not! Please check out the links below to get yourself on track. The public has been fooled too long!

Here is a map from the Auto Insurance Center showing what causes the most fatal car crashes in each US state. The Center compiled data on every fatal car accident in the US that was recorded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) Fatal Accident Reporting System from 2009 to 2013. You will notice Pennsylvania has a higher rate of fatalities due to speeding than we do for DUI.

The NHTSA also has the real traffic numbers posted (click on Pennsylvania after clicking on the link). The very first chart you come to after clicking on PA shows there were 364 DUI fatalities in 2015. Immediately below in the next row it shows there were 540 Speeding fatalities in 2015. I did not get those numbers backwards….there were more fatalities due to speeding than DUI !!!

Newsweek also ran an article where it stated, “crashes involving texting or talking on a cellphone (hands-free or handheld) account for 27 percent of all accidents. “ So that cause alone accounts for almost one-third of all traffic fatalities.

If we list the violation with the penalty we will notice something appalling:

Speeding: Voluntary, and caused more deaths than DUI in 2015, and was leading cause of traffic fatalities.
Speeding Penalty: Ticket, and a couple of points on your license. Maybe increased insurance.

Distracted Driving: Voluntary, and caused about as many traffic fatalities in 2015.
Distracted Driving Penalty: Ticket…maybe, but most go unchecked.

DUI: Voluntary, and did cause a lot of accidents in 2015.
DUI Penalty: Fine of $1000.00, DUI classes, loss of license, jail, blood test, lawyer fees, increased insurance, points on your license, time off work, etc…

Now lets think about commercials for cars that show reckless driving, speeding, etc, and compare that to beer commercials during sporting programs which state, “ Don’t’ Drink and Drive.“ Something seems backwards here. There are checkpoints set up all throughout the year for DUI’s, and only one police car set up occasionally for speeders.

If we are really concerned about saving the MOST lives we are focusing the majority of our resources in the wrong place!!! It is the car commercials that should say Drive Safely, and Speed Checkpoints set up with the same amount of resources as used in a DUI, where you can
neck-down the traffic to one lane after the speed is recorded to pull the speeder over. The same goes for distracted driving.

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So its okay to drive when intoxicated? How about flying a plane? Are you okay with that?

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But these days i certainly wouldn’t take the proposition on as a bet. Not with the potentially extreme penalties for momentary bad luck.

o_0 it doesn’t have to be the leading cause. It is A cause, and leads to nearly 10K deaths per year, but thousands of more injuries, and millions of dollars of damage. All because people are not planning properly and taking part in risky behavior that is completely unnecessary.

For sure there is other risky behaviors causing even more chaos. Driving tired can be as bad as drunk driving. There are already laws for distracted driving and the like. They are also making more laws about texting etc. It takes government time to catch up with emerging technology. But yeah, if you get in an accident from being distracted you will still get a fine, dinged on points, and dinged on insurance.

Though often times a DUI is a symptom of a chronic habit (ie alcoholism) and vs a lapse of judgment or poor habits, thus why some states have a program stipulation.

And Speed Checkpoints are ALL OVER THE PLACE. They are called cops. I have encountered several in my driving career, as opposed to zero DUI check points.


Glad I’m not alone!

I don’t think that these days are any worse than the old days. We just tend to hear more about the bad eggs than we used to.

Is the public served by seeing that video?

penalty and promotion for DUI is out of proportion with the other top causes of traffic fatalities.

Nope…never said DUI was OK. What I said was the penalty for DUI is out of proportion with the other causes, and if you look at the numbers (links that were posted in the original post) DUI’s make up a smaller percentage of fatalities.

None of the other “leading” causes have commercials dedicated to them like DUI does. The penalties for the other leading causes are not even close to the penalties for DUI even though they kill more people according to the statistics in the links posted.