Watch this 92-year-old gentleman crash into 10 cars (nobody died)


Man, that’s a serious bummer. I’d vow to hang up my car keys by 70, but I suspect if I live that long I’ll be tooling around in a self-propelled GoogleWagen in 15 years anyway.


I like the way the article contains the age and model of every car involved, and the age, home town and gender of every owner. Pithy.


I know it’s not a popular opinion, but I think the vast majority of 92-year olds should not be allowed to drive.

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Give that driver a slot on Badass Space Dragon 2.0!


The idea of taking away 92-year-olds’ licenses might only be unpopular amongst 92+ year olds and Florida insurance lawyers.




Personally, I think the road and written test should be required for all at least every 5 years, and maybe every 3 after 75. Nobody around here has a clue what to do at a multiway stop sign, and that includes actually stopping.


When you’re 70 we should have self driving cars.

We have to be able to get to work somehow.


Jesus built my hotrod, so I have him for life as my co-pilot…

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We should when I’m 60, if not 50.

Just don’t crash with him on board or you may have to eat him.


I just hope I never get called a “gentleman” on BoingBoing. It seems to mean you’ve done something heinously awful or stupid.

A sampling of recent BoingBoing headlines from a Google Search:

“Gentleman has poo at bus stop”

“Gentleman uses bomb to make ATM withdrawl”

“Gentleman tries to bite tortoise, but tortoise bites first”

“Gentleman from Aryan Brotherhood who pocketed $6 of Hot Pockets at Walmart gets felony theft”

“Gentleman caught on CCTV camera stealing camera”


So there was only one thing that I could do
Was ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long


And don’t get me started on the olds and traffic circles. I have seen way too many of them stop, look around, and carefully turn left through the circle.

Old, inept people like this are on the roads everywhere, yet when I advocate for the relative safety of driving while/after smoking weed I’m the devil.

That someone who is so obviously too incapable to be in command of a vehicle is legally licensed to drive is the reason I dont give a fuck what anyone thinks on the other subject. Old people present a far bigger risk to public safety on the roads than me being high does, yet people defend old people’s right to drive and condem my choices.

I mean, who can so spectacularly lose control of a vehicle? After smashing some cars he throws it into reverse to smash stuff behind him, before throwing it back into drive to smash more stuff. Hitting reverse by mistake kinda makes sense if he was going for park, but then throwing it into drive again makes NO sense since it’s the wrong direction.

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Gentleman has broken our code. Have him liquidated.


Thankfully the vast majority of 92-year olds don’t need to be forbidden from driving because they recognize their declining ability to do so on their own. For the rest I think regular drivers’ tests would be a good idea.


Unfortunately not so for the “clever” 26-year olds who tailgate, weave and speed.