Watch: 71-year-old drunk driver sideswipes cars, then crashes into truck


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Went out with a bang.


How does footage like this go public? It was her property, presumably. If it were used by the crown at trial, does it become public record?


Notice how everyone in the UK is driving drunk – they’re all driving on the wrong side of the road for christ’s sakes!


If she was screeching racial epithets the whole time then she’s probably a loyal daily heil reader who submitted it herself.


yup, they can invoke ‘exigent circumstances’ if they believe the dash cam has footage that’s potential evidence related to the case they are investigating. They still have to get a subpoena to view the footage, but they can take the camera if they feel the evidence could get tampered with or erased if left with the person. I’m referring to laws here in the US.


That’s what I was wondering too. If it goes viral, can she put ads on it and make a little money?


It looks like the unsecured dash-cam rolled, rather than the car. But Jesus. This kind of thing probably happens all-too-frequently, too, minus getting stopped by a truck. One drunk driver can do a lot of damage - all those cars she hit along the route - and there are a fair number of drunk drivers, even with all the education and crackdown that have happened in the US and UK in recent decades. My mother parks her car in front of her house on a sleepy side street and doesn’t pay much attention to it, but every so often she notices it’s sustained damage that only could have come from it being glancingly hit by another car. Since it’s parked halfway down a straight road, it must be getting hit by people who are weaving and therefore likely drunk (especially since they aren’t stopping or taking responsibility for it).


And she never says a word the whole time? Not a single “Oh, dear!” or “Whoopsie!” or “Where did that parked car come from?”


About five years ago, I came out in the morning to find my car battered and a note on my windshield (from a neighbor who saw it happen, not the driver!) Young idiot on a drunken joyride - hit my car hard enough (from the left side) to drive it sideways into the curb and break the axle, yet somehow drove away and continued his trail of destruction. His father’s insurance company ended up buying me a new (used) car; the kid ended up in jail for a couple of years; nobody got seriously injured. Happy ending.


We drive on the correct side of the road. It was Napoleon who got it wrong.


The drunk driver, from Ainsdale, England, got eight months in prison and is banned from driving for three years.

Does the three years start from when she’s released from prison, or from the date of her last driving experience, or something else?


What does her age have to do with it?


Probably should know better by now?


It’s unfortunate she didn’t die. I genuinely mean that. She could have so easily killed a family or two…

And by the way, why not just ban her for life? She’s not got long left as it is - why take the risk of letting her back on the road to risk killing others?

These drunk drivers fucking infuriate me!


Yeah yeah yeah, sure thing, pal. But at least when you’ve all been drinking you’re in agreement which side to drive on.


I figure if she aimed to have a head-on collision with every oncoming car on the right, she would have made it home.


It was the second time my ex- did this to her car (and I have no idea how many others) on the way home that I realized she was an alcoholic. It was the second time she left AA that I had to go. Heavy drinkers and responsibility go together like toothpaste and orange juice.


Just a bit of legal advice: if you are the sort of person who drives drunk, maybe the dash cam ain’t in your best interest.


Alcoholism is, in part, genetic. In the US, we are exposed to alcohol related messages incessantly. When was the last time you saw another cute variation of the Beer Pong meme?
It killed both of my parents and I hated watching it happen. I don’t fault people for calling out this lack of personal responsibility, but our society and Booze, Inc. do not deserve a free pass for promoting the hell out of the stuff.