Dashcam: Driver steps out of moving car in traffic, crash happens


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What in the hell was she thinking?


That car has dealer plates… possibly not her car at all but instead an “extended” test drive?


I thought that was the dashcam driver singing! I was looking forward to his soothing exclamation at what was about to transpire.

Works pretty well this way too though. The conjunction of that music with surreal violence pleases me greatly.



i’m gonna guess, because hey why not, there was a bee or a wasp in the car and she couldn’t deal. So she got out. She was driving erratically before the exit like something was bothering her intermittently.

Arrested for DUI, she was released for lack of evidence.


Good thing she got out of there, that thing was a death trap!!!


A lack of evidence that she was drunk, I could buy, but the evidence of something seriously wrong must be right there in the accident report. Don’t the local laws have something along the lines of ‘dangerous driving’? Stepping out of a moving vehicle that subsequently crosses the central reservation into the opposite flowing lanes must surely count.


…was taken to a hospital for “a non injury-related reason” before CHP officers arrived on scene, the CHP said.

Which could even point to a mental health issue, transient or otherwise.

But that’s just speculation. All care and no responsibility.


Indeed, dealer plates made me immediately think there was something more dodgy than stupidity going on here:


??? It was a promotion for those self driving cars. ???


From the car’s service logbook:
“Test drive was okay, but self-driving did not work.”
“Self-driving is not installed in this vehicle.”


Yeah, I would expect there’s some mental health/meds issue. I think the dealer plates are a red-herring.




I mean, technically, she wasn’t driving at the time!


A wasp. Or a really big spider.


It could just be a newly purchased car without permanent plates yet.


Oh right, that’s not even a thing in my country.



What is this i dont even…

How can having dashcam video not be sufficient evidence of at least negligent and willful behavior?