Woman in minivan beats up driver in high-speed police chase


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Yeah thats weird: check out the minor passenger (3rd) who exits the car - has like a delayed reaction to a collarbone injury but you wouldnt want to roll around like if you had one - anyone else care to diagnose? 30% of me wants to say the minor is being a bit theatrical but hey. what do I know, right?


Is there any reason to believe that the driver of the minivan knew that the person who collided with her was a speeding fugitive, or did she just beat the crap out of him on general principle? Wouldn’t that still be a crime?


she just beat him on general principle and the guy was lucky she wasn’t packing a gun, this is after all texas and not far from where i live.

it might be assault but any jury impaneled in texas would acquit on the basis of provocation. i doubt she’ll get even as much as a warning.


That van got sideswiped; the fugitive ran full on into another van or SUV hard enough to shove it through the intersection. I didn’t see anyone check on the occupants of the other car, either police or bystanders.


Texas Woman, the antidote to Florida Man


To top it off someone gave her a free vehicle to replace her damaged one just because it was so damned entertaining!


The guy is lucky, the cops would have probably just shot him.

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I noticed the minor pretending to be injured. Run out of van and lie down and roll around. Poke head up and check. Roll around some more. Poke head up again (oh good here comes the cops). WHAT? No one cares? **POPS up from the ground - Yeah I’m good. Let’s hug it out. Note to would-be insurance scammers - don’t do this on camera.


Just a guess, but I kind of suspect that the other SUV he hit was pushed just far enough into the intersection that the driver judged it safest to keep going to clear the intersection, rather than brake and risk being T-boned - not necessarily pushed all the way through. Could just come down to that driver having his foot already off the brake getting ready to go, vs. the lady driving the van still having her foot on the brake.

That’s one interpretation.

I’m quite willing to accept what he was doing as a panic reaction of some kind - who knows, maybe the kid’s somewhere on the autism spectrum - but even if not, that must have been a heck of a shock, to which the three people in the van responded in three different ways.

He could also have actually been injured.

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Why didn’t you go help? Oh, you weren’t there? What a pretender that guy was!!!


Further to my initial post - there were two helicopters following this. You can see the same scene from the other side of the car here http://www.thefederalistpapers.org/us/texas-mama-bear-who-ripped-police-chase-suspect-from-car-gets-amazing-news.

From there, you can see the kid’s response a bit more clearly when he gets up and comes around the side of the car. It does look to me like something that makes sense as a panic / shock reaction.

So what’s the appropriate behavior for a kid of that age after an accident when the adults in your car leap out to assault the other driver? Participate? Try to intervene? Pretend you don’t know these crazy people? Walk away? Create a new distraction? Text your friends? Post it all to Vine? I actually do not know. I’ll let him try out a few different things in the face of it without judging.


Having a laughing fit at his crazy parent/guardian beating up the other guy?

EDIT: No, after watching to the end, it’s pretty clearly not laughing. I’m gonna go with shock/fear/crying.

Yeah, given the circumstances she’s being hailed without any caveats. But police & media should caution people NOT to automatically assume the worst & react this way. In many such incidents the offending driver 1) has had a medical emergency & may need help not a beating, or 2) is armed. I’m glad she got a replacement car & for sure don’t charge her with anything, but let’s not blindly encourage what she did either.

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My guess is that he’s a soccer player.


Don’t. Mess. With. Texas.


The kid’s doing a Slipping Jimmy! Way to bury the lede on this one.


you have the right not to be killed, Murder is a crime. Unless it was done by a
Policeman - ergo, it is wrong to run from the police at any time as that could be seen as interfering with their job to kill you.