Connecticut woman killed after attempting to "ram White House barricade"


Why is everyone identifying what is clearly an Infiniti as a Lexus?

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I think that what’s important here is that we identify the car correctly.

Priorities, people!


it appears to be the lighting that makes the infinity logo look like a lexus one.

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Early report: Woman was 34 year old, from Connecticut:

I suspect this is going to boil down to “sad.”


I’m not saying that I have any reason to believe that authorities didn’t act appropriately, but something about headlines involving the use of deadly force, written in the passive voice, rub me the wrong way.

It’s not that she was killed, it’s that the authorities shot her to death.


I would agree that “Connecticut woman died after attempting to ram…” would be passive, but killed does seem to imply something active, just not exactly what that action was; and c’mon “shot her to death” is a little awkward for a headline.

In the end, I second the idea that the explanation is going to be sad.

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A family in an SUV gets attacked and runs over people and a woman in a luxury car with a child goes off the rails in DC. I’m noticing a trend here with people who choose to have children.


Was the car OK in the end? Will it go to a good owner?


Another thing most press accounts are getting wrong is that she wasn’t trying to ram her way into the White House. She drove up to a security check point, probably accidentally, and when confronted by the security personnel, flipped out and rammed her way back out.

From the Washington Post:

At the beginning of it all, Oregon residents B.J. and Susan Campbell saw a black sedan driven by a woman heading west on Pennsylvania, into a security checkpoint at 15th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW. The driver went about 20 yards, B.J. Campbell said, before rapidly turning the car around at the concrete security barriers.
“The Secret Service guy was just having a cow,” B.J. Campbell said. “Yelling at her and banging on the car.” The Secret Service officers pulled a black metal gate into her path and she slowed to try to go around it. Then the agent moved the gate in front of her again.
At that point “she just gunned it,” B.J. Campbell said. “She ran the barricade down and the guy; knocked him up onto her hood. He rolled off into the street, and she tore off down Pennsylvania Avenue.” The whole encounter lasted about 20 seconds, he said.


Unarmed woman gunned down by unpaid police in defence of unhinged politicians responsible for halting their salaries.

“We just like killing in the line of duty that much” one officer at the scene was quoted as saying, “we’ll do it for free”


I am rather sad she was killed. They state she has a history of mental illness. There has to be a more humane way of dealing with folks having a bad moment like this. Also, her kid was in the car - so she was killed in front of her kid… Sad all around. (fixed spelling error)


And if you were there, you’d have known it wasn’t a car bomb?


Is there any real confirmation at the moment that she was actually trying to break through the barrier?

Given the broader circumstances there is an argument to have let it through irrespective.

They shot her in the back as she ran away from her car. How would that have helped if there was a bomb?


If she was, I’m buying an Infinity. The front of that car is in good shape for ramming a balustrade.


Awesome, go to the head of the class.

Cops like to kill people. It’s the most treasured part of their job.


Not a native of DC but i used to go there all the time to skate freedom plaza. Very first thing that came to my mind when i heard the story was that she made a mistake driving around. Thinking about what its like to drive in the area around the national mall, and how obtrusive so many of the ‘barricades’ and other security structures are; i bet she did something like make a wrong turn and then the situation just got out of hand… dc cops are fucking NUTS & so is homeland security who are all over the mall. So many of the ‘barricades’ and security fencing are pretty pitiful & rudimentary & randomly placed. Really wouldn’t suprise me if she just turns out to have made a wrong turn & gotten completely scared by the police & made the wrong choice to just panic & think she could drive away…not around national mall security you can’t.