Secret Service protecting Biden's granddaughter open fire outside her home

Originally published at: Secret Service protecting Naomi Biden shoot at suspects


Just a co-incidence, amirite?


I mean, it totally could be. Several of my friends when I lived in DC had their car windows broken.
But, since when is breaking into a car subject to the death sentence? I wish our “safety officers” had access to and training with more non-lethal tools. Like those lassos that wrap around would-be criminals’ legs. :pensive:


Firing guns at someone breaking into an unoccupied vehicle strikes me as WILDLY disproportionate, especially dangerous to bystanders in a densely settled neighborhood like Georgetown. I hope there is more to this story that explains the gunfire.


Color me shocked.

There are SUVs with goverment plates all over Georgetown. That one gets singled out because it was empty is no surprise.


Especially when many Kia Boyz tend to be underage. A PR nightmare waiting to happen.

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It’s possible that the Secret Service kept a lot of serious weaponry stored in the vehicle and the agents felt that denying access to those weapons was critical, but even that scenario isn’t sufficient justification. If the agents kept weapons in a location where a thief could access them just by breaking a car window, that’s on the agents. Especially if the car is parked in an area where break-ins are a regular occurrence.


Honestly, having an unoccupied car being broken into doesn’t surprise me.

Though if you or I shot at someone doing it, we would probably be in jail, so don’t do that.

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