James Alex Fields, Nazi who drove car into Charlottesville protesters, found guilty of murdering Heather Heyer


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No points for correctly guessing which prison gang he aligns himself with.





If two people were killed by the car, why is there only one murder charge?


Only Heather Heyer was killed by the car.


The post needs correcting, then; it states that two people were killed.


I have to say, I am a little surprised this happened so fast. Cville is very very blue, but step across the city line and there are lots of folks who probably view this guy as a hero. They elected Tom Garret to congress!


Yeah, I was going to say, only 1 person died. 2 HiPos died in helicopter crash later that day, but that wasn’t directly related.


As to not fly off the handle all i can say is: Good.


Good. Good. Good.


And, of course, by Virginia law he can still vote for Trump in 2020.


What is this? Justice? I forgot what it looked like. Bravo. I suppose there are still something people left that can point out a murderer, and throw his ass in jail unequivocally.

There is nothing “fine” about this bastard at all Trump. To hell with both of you.


Why do white supremacists gravitate to Dodge or other Chrysler vehicles? I see more Trump stickers and confederate flags on Ram trucks than any other kind.


Because, “buy 'Murican!!”

Never mind the fact that many Chrysler vehicles are made in Canada or Mexico.

Fields’ own Dodge Challenger was made in Canada.


Real men know that the ultimate off the shelf battle wagon is the Toyota Hilux


Picture is of a Hilux, which is indeed legendary for it’s reliability. Even the yobs on Top Gear couldn’t kill one after setting it on fire, having it carried away by tide waters, and dropping a building on it. It could always be brought back to life again with basic tools.


I don’t know about Dodge but for Chrysler maybe it’s the cross in the grill since forever? Just spitballing here but is that a “Chrystian” thing?

And, yes, he deserves the book thrown at him. Maybe a car, too.


Good riddance.


Basically the best segment they ever had.