James Alex Fields, Nazi who drove car into Charlottesville protesters, found guilty of murdering Heather Heyer


There was a TV ad a while back that had the founding fathers riding into battle in Dodge sports cars identical to the murder weapon in question. I imagine that was total boner fuel for the incels brimming with impotent rage. As far as the truck market goes, Dodges have a bit of a reputation for being the most cheaply made and poorly engineered, despite seeming to be the most aggressively marketed as the opposite. All hat and no cattle, just like Trump.


“very fine people” indeed.


Chrysler corporation is now Fiat Chrysler corporation of America.

When you’re driving a Dodge truck,
you are driving a Fiat.


Ehhhh… Nabisco is owned by Mondelez International who owns Kraft. Yet when you eat an Oreo you aren’t really eating mac and cheese.


Burger King is owned by Diageo which also owns Smirnoff Vodka. But you are unlikely to see the two products in the same room outside of a college dorm or the tail end of a movie star’s week long bender.


So… David Hasselhoff’s hotel room?


Car manufacturers share parts between their different brands. I mean major parts, not screws and the like.

One of the reasons why Saab don’t make cars anymore is because they insisted on doing their own thing despite being owned by GM. What they did was often better than what GM was offering them, but it was an expense that GM didn’t want.


Well I bet they share components too in the foods. i.e. Flour from the same place. Still they have distinct differences as well.

But yes, there is some homogenization and streamlining when it comes to manufacturing.





*Antipiracy music starts*

Eat a car…


And most Toyota trucks are made in the US (the ones sold here). You don’t see many Chrysler Rams older than 5 years still on the road. It’s common to see Toyotas pushing 30 with 300k miles on one engine and transmission.






ok, I finally have truck envy now. That is just impressive


Thankfully driving around with a dual anti aircraft autocannon in the back is not exactly legal :grin:


Sounds like a 2nd Amendment challenge in the making.


Evidently in Chad that was called “The Standard Options”


Ah yes, that American institution “Fiat Chrysler Automobiles” !


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