Confederate flag rally results in fender bender


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Too bad they’re not in North Dakota, where they would be free to kill each other via fender benders.


That video is a couple years old but still a fun watch. I hadn’t heard the convoy had anything to do with MLK Day but it wouldn’t surprise me.

ETA: Video appears to date to June 2015, not related to MLK day.


Can’t help but to think of this depiction:

Stupid racists.


I’ve seen this before – not from today. It still ends in an accident though.


Believe this wasn’t today. Not sure, but I think this is the aftermath or something to do with a Trump rally this past summer in Massachusetts.


Yes, this appeared on boingboing a few years ago, and was related to the push to remove the confederate flag from being flown on state property.


Can’t hope helping these proud defenders of States’ Rights and promoters of Individual Freedom were striking a blow for Freedom by defying mandatory seat belt laws and disabling their air bags.


What? No one ‘rolling coal’? Amateurs!


How big a laser would you need to melt the head off of a statue of a Confederate general?

Academic question. Asking for a friend.


Couple pounds of thermite would be easier to use than a laser. Not as much fun, though.


Never a good idea to be a racist AND a nimrod.


So they’re not learning from history.


On which days do they fly those flags proudly, and on which days do they remind everyone that historically it was the Democrats who flew those flags? Is there an app I can get for that?


Ah… Dalton GA… making Rome GA feel superior since … I guess the 1850s?


The south will rise again…







, Arma?


Stop it, before someone gets hurt.