Peak Bill O'Reilly: “Confederate flag represents bravery,” not racist hate

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It also represents a desire to break up the US. With violence if necessary.



Umm, Bill, I know that you are a nauseous bloviating shitbag; but you do realize that every flag ‘represents bravery’ in the vacuous sense that at least a few people were willing to congregate around it without much regard for the risk? That’s one of their main functions.

In the interest of not Godwining this thread, here are some other flags, slightly less likely to be O’Reilly-approved, that represent bravery:

One could go on more or less indefinitely. While not false, the fact that a flag has ‘bravery’ on it is effectively orthogonal to the flag’s meaning; because all of them do, to some degree or another; and because there appears to be no connection whatsoever between the bravery a given cause elicits and whether it’s a terrible plan or not.

But I will not enable you. I will not be the trail guide for your climb up Mount Stupid. I will not honor your racist fantasies with my attention. I will not treat your belligerent self-delusion as a somehow valid viewpoint. I. Will. Not.


In this same video Bill O’Reilly also says he doesn’t go on the Internet. Like at all. He clearly lives in his own little isolated universe.


Right, even if you look past the “slavery” part of the Civil War (which, let’s face it, was the main point) it was about a bunch of people who wanted to renounce the government whose flag forms the entire basis of Bill-O’Reilly’s color scheme, studio design, information graphics and dress code.

He’s so up to the eyeballs in Old Glory that Stephen Colbert could barely find room to satirize him, and he still doesn’t understand that the people who joined the Confederacy stood in direct opposition to the United States. “UNITED” IS THE FIRST WORD, YOU NINCOMPOOP.



Yes, you pinhead. They fought “bravely” to commit treason, and enslave a race of people. Yeah, really something to be proud of. The Germans also fought “bravely” during WWII, in support of a regime bent on the extermination of millions.


In that vein, what do you fancy your odds would be of receiving agreement that the message ‘represents bravery’, rather than getting punched, if a stars-and-bars enthusiast were to see a XV Corps badge

or “Sherman Institute for Counterinsurgency Studies” T Shirt?

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"Mount Stupid" Where all Fux News Comedy Entertainment morons reside.


I’d suggest someone order some of that Confederate Flag Toilet Paper from Amazon and ship it to him, but looks like the overzealous crew at Amazon have pulled that product…


I’m undecided as to whether:

  • This is Bill O’Reilly posturing again, so as to be seen as a lonewolf, staking out a faux-contrarian Confederacy Heritage argument.

  • Or, this is Bill O’Reilly unconsciously acknowledging where his bread is buttered, that a substantial portion of his demographic are elderly, unrepentant George Wallace fans.

  • Or, this is Bill O’Reilly reflexively taking the opposite opinion simply because his political opponents feel so passionately about their stance.


I believe google maps has it as Bullshit Mountain.

And seriously… when I was a child I thought that Rommel was a good guy. Smart, disciplined, honorable, tried to kill Hitler. Actually subsequent research showed he was not involved w the plot to kill Hitler and was a pretty damn dedicated Nazi. Too bad. He fought valiantly for a wholly wrong cause, with bravery and distinction, but he fought for evil and genocide. Same w the confederacy. F’ck evil.

I have taught my children to call that flag the traitor’s flag, think of it like the Nazi flag (and good on ye Jon Stewart for pointing out that Euro-skinheads use the traitor’s flag as a stand-in for the swastika flag).


When O’Reilly dies, someone should be there to conceal the fact and quickly pickle his skin, to be mounted on a robot, which will at first spout his usual idiotic garbage, but then gradually morph personality into Jon Stewart.

A vast swathe of mindless authoritarians will find themselves far less at odds with sanity and reality as a result, so the end will totally justify the means.


Juan: The power, the money, is in the white community in this country. That’s the overwhelming majority.

Bill: Okay, but that’s not white supremacy.

Juan: No! And that’s my point to you.

Bill: Right, that’s an economic system that has evolved that way, and as you said, that’s worth talking about, IF the fix is in.

And of course, Bill thinks “the fix” is not in, that our economic system, which has always hugely disfavored black people, just “evolved” in such a way that black people on average have far, far less money that white people do.

No, Bill, the majority of black people have always been systematically held back or directly shut out from equal opportunities for advancement compared to the majority of white people. That IS white supremacy; that’s exactly what today’s systemic white supremacy is.

Christ, what a total asshole. He probably knows all that, and he probably knows he’s being a cynical fuck by having a Senior Black Correspondent/Uncle Tom there to parrot his racist fantasies and mildly argue back a bit, and to let Bill seem like the smarter (because white) guy in the room.

But then, who knows, as long as they’re both making their millions, maybe they’ve convinced themselves that they actually deserve to be where they are, and others don’t because they just aren’t as talented and hardworking. Or maybe that others haven’t “evolved” enough. Ugh, the coded social Darwinism dogwhistled by that word might be the most ironic and nauseating example of white supremacy in that whole clip.


Those are different things? Seems like there are only two options with Bill;

  • He’s actually an idiot or
  • He’s siding with the idiots for personal
    political or financial gain


##Whoa, are we movin’ too slow?

Have you seen us,
Uncle Remus . . .

We look pretty sharp in these clothes (yes, we do)
Unless we get sprayed with a hose
It ain’t bad in the day
If they squirt it your way
‘Cept in the winter, when it’s froze
An’ it’s hard if it hits
On yer nose
On yer nose

Just keep yer nose
To the grindstone, they say
Will that redeem us?
Uncle Remus?

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#Too Slow?


Maybe he’s just worried his job will be replaced by a confederate flag? (a lot of those flags will be looking for new jobs soon, too)