People tilt van to save woman trapped underneath


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It is good to remember that there is more compassion than hate, more “Good Samaritans” than terrorists. Here are a couple similar incidents from my neighborhood:



If only more people would realise this.


I like it that AFTER all the heavy lifting of the van a women climbs out and is all “meh let’s see what all the ruckus is about”


MOST people are generally good - or at the very least neutral.

The alignments of popular figures

Isn’t it a thing in China that drivers often try and kill people they have struck with their cars because it’s cheaper in the long run?


Thank you, @frauenfelder for forwarding past the actual accident. I don’t need anymore bad images in my brain.



It seems like these things always take place in China - or maybe that’s where all the cameras are.


It’s funny you used an alien or possibly a demi-god in your meme about humanity.



I wouldn’t mind getting some closer biomechanics examination of how she ended merely with minor injuries. Could be handy for mitigation of such collisions in the future.

I wouldn’t say the beginning is especially brutal. It is a pretty much standard relatively low speed car impact with the front wheel running over the pedestrian’s legs. (How did this cause no significant injury?) Worth a frame-by-frame analysis of the speeds and forces involved.


Looks like a teenager to me, for what that’s worth.


That sounds brutal enough. People aren’t meant to be hit even at low speed by tons of metal.


That’s fairly nothing. Read some forensic medicine. Or perhaps “A Radiological Atlas of Abuse, Torture, Terrorism and Inflicted Trauma” (a good one).


If you believe Good Samaritans are evenly distributed through the world population then there are more than four times as many Good Samaritans in China than in the United States.

But I personally don’t hold to this theory because census stats suggest a disproportionate number of Good Samaritans hail from just outside Tel Aviv.


How did she only have minor injuries? Her legs got run over BY A VAN!! I think we may have a superhuman situation on our hands.


Weird things happen - it’s where things become interesting. That’s why I called for an investigation.


It apparently happens some, but it’s hard to say how often. Not easy to get good info on it.